Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Wilderness and Remote First Aid

2 day workshop
Dates: Saturday, March 24 & Sunday, March 25 (lunch provided both days)
Cost: $390/person
Instructor: Jim Boling
NOTE: CPR/AED is a requirement for this certification. CPR/AED is offered on Monday 3/26 during the conference.

Workshop Description

Wilderness and Remote First Aid (WRFA) instruction provides first aid principles and skills to respond to emergencies and to give care in areas without rapid access to emergency medical services. WRFA is a 16-hour, dynamic, hands-on, skills-based course that uses a mix of classroom instruction and realistic outdoor teaching scenarios. The instructor, Jim Boling has been presenting WRFA instruction for over six years.  He is a US Army combat veteran, certified as a Wilderness First Responder, Professional Basic Life Support Provider, and Search and Rescue Technician, and American Red Cross instructor.

NOTE: For American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid certification, participants must also complete a CPR/AED course. Participants are encouraged to complete CPR-AED certification before the WRFA course. If this is not possible, WRFA participants may enroll in a “blended learning” (online and classroom) CPR/AED course. The classroom portion of this course will be provided on Monday morning of the PTBA Conference ($65 per person).  WRFA participants already certified in CPR-AED may simply provide proof of certification to the WRFA instructor.

Learning Objectives

In a wilderness or remote environment: 1) Assess -- recognize life threatening and other injuries or illnesses 2) Stabilize -- address life threatening problems within capability 3) Treat -- provide care to resolve other injuries/illnesses within capability 4) Evacuate -- move patient to definitive care; or summon such care to patient

Workshop Schedule

* 2-day / 8 hours per day * Mix of classroom and outdoor settings
* DAY ONE: 0800-1230 Classroom
* DAY ONE: ~1230-1330 Field
* DAY ONE: ~1330-1600 Classroom
* DAY ONE: ~ 1600-1645 Field
* DAY ONE: ~1645-1700 Classroom
* DAY TWO: 0800-1030 Classroom
* DAY TWO: ~130-1130 Field
* DAY TWO: ~1130-1500 Classroom
* DAY TWO: ~1500-1600 Field
* DAY TWO ~1600-1700 Classroom

Instructor: Jim Boling