Barry Smith Trails

Qualifier:   Barry Smith, sole proprietor

Address:  3310 Center St., Chattanooga, TN 37419, United States 

Work Phone: 423-400-4109
Cell Phone: 423-400-4109


Sponsor: Valerie Naylor

Past Conference Attendance?: Yes
If Yes, which year?: 2009

Short Description: Barry Smith Trails specializes in the design, layout, and construction of quality hiking, biking/multi-use trails. I have over ten years experience working in varying terrains giving me the ability to work with the natural materials in a way that produces a large variety of trails. Strong emphasis is placed on designing and constructing trails with minimal environmental impact, while maximizing user experience. Carpentry skills include kiosks, sign installation, and small foot bridges. Flow trails and beginner level downhill/gravity trails are another facet of my skills.

Expertise:  Trail Planning: Trail Layout/Survey/Design: Design/Build: Trail Construction: Power Excavators/Dozers: Supervise Volunteers: Trail Bridge Design/Construction:

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