The PTBA has a very active and experienced Board of Directors.  Below is a list of our current board members:


Board Officers

Peter Jensen (President)
Peter S Jensen and Associates

Peter S. Jensen - Vermont - PTBA member since 2001 - PTBA VP 2011 - 2014 - I got my start in trail building in the mid 1970's working for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Trail Crew in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Soil Science and a minor in Geology, I spent 6 years working as a staff person for the AMC. During that time I worked on trail planning and design projects, trained volunteers in technical trail construction, and most notably, a planning team member for the design and acquisition of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Corridor in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In 1988 I formed my own business, Openspace Management - a sole proprietorship, with a broad range of services including trail planning, design, construction and training. With up to 9 seasonal employees, client projects ranged from private landowners to, non-profits and public agencies in the Northeast. During this time I also served on several non-profit boards including the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). From 1997 to 1999, I served as the ATC representative to the US Access Board’s Regulatory Negotiation Committee for Outdoor Developed Areas. In 2005, my business structure changed to a Limited Liability Company (Peter S. Jensen & Associates, LLC) with 8 partners. Since that time we have focused solely on trail related projects - planning/design, construction, and skills training throughout the Northeast. At present we build many trails meeting the new Federal Trail Standards, trails with substantial stone work, and wetland boardwalks.


Jon Underwood (Vice President)
Happy Trails Inc.

Jon Underwood has been a professional trail builder since 2006. He specializes in design, layout, and mechanical construction of all types of trails, from singletrack to skate ski trails and ATV trails. Jon's trail building is informed by his passion for all kinds of trail based recreation. Jon's company, Happy Trails, Inc., has constructed many types of trails all over Alaska.


Dr. Jeremy Wimpey (Secretary)
Applied Trails Research

Dr. Jeremy Wimpey, Owner of Applied Trails Research, combines a scientific research background with on-the-ground trail expertise to develop innovative, science-based, adaptive management protocols that balance visitor use with resource protection.


Larry Knutson (Treasurer)
Penn Trails



Members at Large

Christine Byl
Interior Trails
Phone: 907-952-3517

Christine Byl is a writer and a trail builder of 17 years. She worked on and led trail crews from 1996-2007 in Glacier National Park in NW Montana, Chugach National Forest in Cordova, AK, and Denali National Park in Interior Alaska. In 2008 she and her husband, Gabe Travis started Interior Trails, a trail contracting business specializing in sustainable trail layout, design, construction, consulting and training for clients across Alaska. Her first book, Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods, is about trail crews, tools, wilderness, and labor. She lives on a few acres of tundra north of Healy, Alaska, and spends as much time as possible traveling in wild places by foot, bike, ski, boat and dog.


Charlie Dundas
Tri-State Company Inc.

Charles Dundas..."Charlie" began building trail, as a volunteer in 1958, while a Boy Scout. His company, Tri-State Company, has been building trail, professionally, since 1987. Tri-State's market niche is remote site construction, often employing helicopter support. In the course of 24 years, they have built, designed, reconstructed or maintained over 500 miles of trail. They are, perhaps, better known as the "bridge people", having built numerous bridges to include: cable suspension, glu-lam, steel, heavy timber, and their specialty, unique curvilinear screw laminated bridges/elevated walkways. Charlie views his company as more than a trail building company, he sees it as engaged in the art of "recreational infrastructure".


Scott Gordon
ContourLogic LLC



Bill Goulding
Sustainable Trails Ltd.

Bill’s firm Sustainable Trails (2011) Limited is a professional trail building company that has been planning, designing constructing and maintaining recreational trails since 2005 in such clients as Blue Mountain Resort, Kawartha Conservation, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority, Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Toronto Parks (Humber and Don River watershed) Township of King, Saskatchewan Parks, IMBA Trail Solutions and the Township of Georgina in such places as: Burns Lake British Columbia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Jamaica, Portugal, Mexico and Chile.

Bill sits on the board of directors of the Ontario Trails Council and is a Board Member of the Professional Trail Builders Association (PTBA) and is the Chair of the Professionalism Committee, focused on new member qualifications and continuing education.


Doug Hanson
YRU Construction



Donald Hays
Donald Hays Trail Contractor
(775) 424-0599

Don Hays, Vice President of Donald Hays Trail Contractor, Inc. has been building trails since the early 1960’s as a volunteer. He then founded a trail building business, Donald Hays Trail Contractor, starting in 1987 and has since built trails all over the world. In 1988 DHTC, joined Professional Trailbuilders Association. Don has held the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and currently on the Board of Directors of PTBA since 1996. In the year 1999 he started a division of his trail building business providing trail inventory and condition surveys. Since then DHTC, Inc. has worked with the Province of Camarines Sur, Luzon, Philippines; province wide eco-tourism master plan, San Diego County; 400 miles of trail inventory, Sacrament Municipal Utilities Dist; Recreation Master Plan at Loon Lake, the City of Santa Fe, NM; recreation master plan, La Tierra Trails and many USDA Forest Service and many county park trail inventories. In 2003 the company was incorporated as a woman owned business.


Margie Tatro
Reineke Construction
(505) 281-9285
(505) 205-0830

Ms. Tatro provides executive leadership, management, and field skills to Reineke Construction LLC. She brings over 28 years of professional research and management credentials, an advanced engineering degree, national speaking expertise and 20 years of trail maintenance and building experience to the firm.  Since its founding in 2006, Reineke Construction has performed design and construction for private individuals, public land owners/managers, and land developers. The firm was recognized nationally with a 2014 Annual Achievement Award for Outstanding Use of Recreational Trails Program Funds for their work at Navajo Lake State Park. Tatro’s dedication to continuous learning has provided opportunities to prepare and deliver classroom and field-based educational sessions for peers, clients, and volunteer groups. Tatro currently serves on the board of directors of the Professional Trail Builders Association.


Gerry Wilbour
Northwest Trails

At the age of two, Gerry’s parents started taking him on mountain hikes and fishing trips. In 1972, as a way to put himself through college, Gerry began his professional trail career by bidding on trail maintenance contracts in the rugged North Cascades Mountains. Trail work has been his profession and passion ever since. In his first ten years in business, he had the good fortune of being able to work under several very dedicated seasoned career veterans in trails, learning the rich variety of skills necessary to be successful in this highly competitive industry.

Gerry has an extensive background in planning, designing, estimating and developing trails, bridges and greenways for local, state and federal governments, as well as private developers. He has received national & regional awards for his work and has a widespread reputation for innovative solutions in creating low-impact trails through wilderness and natural areas. In over forty years in the business he has served as project manager for several hundred projects while designing and drafting contracts for more than one hundred of them. He has managed or participated in numerous multidisciplinary project teams. Many of his projects have involved large budgets, challenging schedules, complex and remote structures, or other tricky design and construction issues.

Since 1990, he has taught many training classes and workshop sessions on designing, contract drafting, managing, maintaining and building quality, sustainable trails and systems. From 2004 to 2007, he served as President of the Professional Trailbuilders Association, and he currently sits on the board. When not working, Gerry enjoys spending time with his family outside. He has participated in all forms of trail based recreation and is particularly nuts about skiing, sailing and scuba diving - - or wherever his next outdoor adventure will take him.