2014 Sutter 300 Mini Trail Dozer

New $63,800, Used $45,000

832 hours, all service records, well maintained, great condition

44 HP, 4400 pounds, 29.5" wide, Overhead custom exhaust

Contact:  Tony Boone, 719-221-3421


Designed for singletrack trail construction and maintenance, public works, contractors, ranchers and residential. Introducing the all new one-of-a-kind patent pending Sutter 300 Mini Trail Dozer™. You can build approximately 300 ft/hour of under 30" wide single track trails. Build trails uphill with ease and rolling dips in minutes. Pay for the Sutter 300 Mini Trail Dozer™ in less than one season with the savings realized from decreased labor costs. Specifically designed, engineered and tested for single track trail making., wood lots, parks and recreation, city, county, state and federal maintenance work, ranchers, contractors and residential.

Standard Features

Blade 6 way with, Turbo, Warning lights, Vandal protection kit, Tach/hourmeter, fuel, water temp & oil pressure gauges, Hydraulic oil site glass & temp gauge, Cold weather starting, Heavy duty engine cooling system, Auxiliary hydraulics, Hydraulic oil cooler, Rock guards, Safety brake Dry cell battery, Arm rests, Operator bumper pads, Operator's seat, Cushioned operator's platform, Powdercoat finish