Member Applicant:  Michael D Shields Consulting

Michael Shields, Owner

PO Box 4787
Palmer, AK 99645
United States

Work Phone: 907-746-2515


Website: none

Sponsor: Christine Byl, Gabe Travis

Past Conference Attendance?: Yes If Yes, which year?: Conference 2013, '14' '15

Short Description: Technical Consultant/Instructor in trail design & layout, trail system management, workforce management, blasting as a precision tool, backcountry rigging, bridge design, contract prep & field administration.

Expertise:  Trail Planning: Trail Layout/Survey/Design: Design/Build: Trail Construction: Supervise Volunteers: Trail Bridge Design/Construction: Training/Workshops/Education: Expert Witness for Trail Issues: Draft/Pack Animals:

Full Company Description: Same as Short Description above, plus safety and functionality assessments.

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