Wilderness Property Management Inc.

Qualifier: Steven Ovitt

Address: 3999 State Rt.8
Wevertown, New York 12886
United States

Phone: 5186832005

Email: wildpropmang@gmail.com

Current PTBA Sponsor: Peter Jensen

Website: www.WildernessPropertyManagagment.com

Areas of Expertise: Design/Build, GIS Mapping, Power Excavators/Dozers, Trail Bridge Construction/Design, Trail Construction, Trail Layout/Survey/Design, Trail Planning, Training/Workshops/Education

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Full Company Description:
Wilderness Property Management Inc. provides outdoor recreation consulting and trail construction services to public and private land owners and managers. WPM Inc. develops conceptual plans, designs and constructs trails and bridges for biking, hiking, walking and skiing that are environmentally sound and provide exceptional recreational experiences.

WPM Inc. creates trails and trail systems that meet the client's preferences and the needs of the intended recreational use. Low impact wilderness techniques are utilized to create a natural and efficient skiing, hiking or biking experience.

A specialty of WPM Inc. is working with communities to create direct connections between wild lands and community centers. This work is further advanced by designing trails and trail systems that provide excellent recreational experiences. To complete the recreational lifestyle for communities WPM Inc. has founded non-profit trail advocacy groups to provide support and sustainable futures for the new trail systems.

All trail projects are built utilizing environmentally sound and sustainable trail design and construction techniques. WPM Inc. trails provide extraordinary recreational experiences that can only be created with a lifetime of professional outdoor recreation experience. 

The staff of WPM Inc. are all active outdoor people who have a passion for the outdoors and trails. The Chief Operating Officer Steve Ovitt has a degree in Forest Technology, with many surveying classes; over 40 years of construction and excavation experience; 26 years of professional outdoor recreation management as a NYS Forest Ranger; over 25 years of supervising wildland firefighting, search and rescue operations and the associated risk management; and is an Adjunct Professor of Adventure Sports at SUNY Adirondack. 

WPM Inc. has created 24 miles of trail, 5 bridges, 3 kiosks and 6 recreation plans since inception in 2012. COO Steve Ovitt had constructed 16 miles of new trail, rehabilitated an additional 15 miles of neglected or abandoned trail, and built and supervised the construction of hundreds of miles of fireline in 12 states while working as a Forest Ranger from 1986 to 2011.

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