Backcountry Rigging Techniques - Nov 14-15, 2016

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First tram w chain rock.jpg

Backcountry Rigging Techniques - Nov 14-15, 2016


Instructor: Jed Talbot, Off the Beaten Path
Date: Monday-Tuesday, November 14-15, 2016
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Room: Maple Room, Stonewall Conference Center

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WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION - 2 Day Rigging Workshop

Trail maintenance and construction often requires moving heavy objects in a variety of settings and conditions. The proper utilization of backcountry rigging systems can significantly increase worker safety and efficiency.  Trail rigging systems are comprised of tools such as hand powered hoists, wire and synthetic rope, synthetic slings, shackles, and snatch blocks.  Crews properly trained in safe rigging practices can move objects such as logs and rocks by skidding them over the ground or suspending them in the air.

During a two day trail rigging workshop hosted by Jed Talbot of OBP Trailworks, LLC, participants will be educated in the following:

  • Mechanical advantage with simple machines: the lever, pulley, and incline plane
  • Understanding trail based rigging components: use, safety and maintenance
  • Knowing component strength and calculating Working Load Limits (WLL)
  • Introduction to ground based operations: skidding objects and pulling stumps
  • Establishing a system of crew communication
  • Reinforcement of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and tailgate safety sessions
  • Determining safe working positions by visualizing the directions of force
  • Gaining mechanical advantage with 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1 rigging systems
  • Understanding vector forces as they relate to loads, blocks, slings, and hoists
  • Introduction to aerial operations: skylines and highlead systems
  • Setting blocks and anchor systems
  • Belaying heavy loads

This workshop is a combination of classroom presentation and hands-on field based practice. Each day will start at the (enter info here) with the field component being held nearby at (enter info here). The dates for this workshop are November (enter info here) from 8AM until 4:30PM. Please arrive in time to get settled and be ready for a prompt 8:00 start.

Participants are expected to come to the workshop prepared to be outside all day, rain or shine.  The field component will involve carrying and using heavy gear. Please bring a daypack with plenty of water,  gloves, leather boots, long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and rain gear, Helmets and eye protection can be provided, but bring your own if possible.

All participants will receive a packet of reference material and a certificate of completion.


Our group will meet at 8:00 am on the first day of the workshop at the Stonewall Resort (940 Resort Drive Roanoke, WV 2644 USA) in the Maple Room.


Stonewall Resort (940 Resort Drive Roanoke, WV 2644 USA) 


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  • Avis - 304.842.3938
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Jedediah Talbot, Off the Beaten Path, LLC (

Jed Talbot is the owner of Off the Beaten Path, LLC (OBP) based in Turner, Maine. OBP encompasses many aspects of trail design, maintenance, and construction. Technical stone work, accessible trails and backcountry rigging systems are particular strengths of the company. Jed also places a significant focus on education and training, facilitating stone work, rigging, and trail skills workshops across the country.


Appropriate field gear for the weather. Expect to be outside during this workshop. We are in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Expect rain and be pleasantly surprised if it stays dry. We will provide first aid kits and all of the tools and equipment necessary for the workshop.  Participants should plan on bringing hard hats, safety glasses, work gloves and sturdy work boots. 


At the end of your Workshop, we will return to the Stonewall Resort (5 minute walk). Plan to arrive back at the Hotel at 5:00 pm.