Universal Access Trails: The Building Blocks for Success Workshop - Nov 14, 2016


Universal Access Trails: The Building Blocks for Success Workshop - Nov 14, 2016


Date:  Monday, November 14
Time:  8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location:  Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park 940 Resort Drive Roanoke, WV, Room TBA

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Title: Universal Access Trails:  The Building Blocks for Success

Session Description:  As the population ages, a growing number of people will face limits to their outdoor recreational activities.   In addition, regardless of age, many people can face health issues or disabilities.   However, these age, health or physical limits do not mean a reduction in the interest in nature, wildlife, physical exercise, and recreation; the limits do mean an increased challenge to those designing and providing trail experiences to the public. All trails—whether designed for pedestrians only or for multiple types of users—ought to share one goal: to meet the recreational needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own recreational needs. This is at the core of planning and constructing trails that are physically, ecologically, and economically sustainable:  

Planning, constructing and managing universal access trails or shared-use pathways requires adherence to specific design parameters; so too does designing and building for sustainability. Not surprisingly, principles of universal design also encourage sustainable practices.  This seminar will provide an overview of the best management practices and regulations that should be considered by land managers, planners, designers and construction contractors when executing a successful universal access trail or pathway project.  Key management, planning and design elements will be discussed.  Attendees will receive a copy of the Universal Access Trails and Shared Use Paths: Design, Management, Ethical, and Legal Considerations, which will serve as the primary resource for the seminar.  The seminar will examine several trails and shared-use pathway projects, considering the management, planning and construction factors that informed the efficacy of the project.   

This workshop combines classroom presentation and field based practice and discussion. The day will begin at 8:30 in the classroom, after lunch the class will head outdoors for a field based practice project that will take into consideration a number of universal access factors, as well as, resource management needs. The workshop will end back in the classroom by 3:30 p.m.  The field exercise will be rain or shine, so participants should dress accordingly. Lunch will be provided.

Instructor Bio:   Larry Knutson is the President of Penn Trails, a PTBA member company, which specializes in the planning, design and construction of sustainable, natural surface universal access trails and shared use pathways.  Larry is coauthor of the 2014 Universal Access Trails: Design, Management, Ethical, and Legal Considerations, published by the PA Land Trust and the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources.   Larry has taught this seminar for the Land Trust Alliance, PA Land Trust, Western PA Conservancy, PA Recreation & Park Society, PA Parks & Forest Foundation and other organizations.  He is serving his second 3 year term on PA DCNR’s State Trails Advisory Board. Larry is the recipient of the American Hiking Society's 2003 Volunteer of the Year award for his trail work in Pennsylvania, he is a former Appalachian Trail overseer and Pennsylvania DCNR Park Ranger.