Rock Solid Trail Contracting, LLC.

Qualifier:   Aaron Rogers

Address:  P.O. box 94, Copper Harbor, MI 49918, United States

Member Since:  2/8/2016

Work Phone: 906-231-7419


Sponsor: Woody Keen

Past Conference Attendance?: Yes
If Yes, which year?: 2010

Short Description: Rock Solid Trail Contracting specialized in Flow based trails and can build all levels to suit local needs. Rock Solid Trail Contracting is highly regarded especially for it’s ability to deal with rocky rugged terrain similar to that found within the Lake Superior Basin.

Expertise:  Trail Layout/Survey/Design: Design/Build: Trail Construction: Bike Parks: Power Excavators/Dozers: Trail Bridge Design/Construction:

Letters of Reference: Duluth

Letter of Reference 2: Copper Harbor