Sandhills Contractors, Inc.

Qualifying Member: Jarrod Hilliard

Sandhills Contractors, Inc.
Physical Address: 2616 Lemon Springs Road, Sanford, NC 27332
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1, Sanford, NC 27331
Office: (919) 775-3828 Fax: (919) 775-3727 Mobile: (919) 353-2078


Company Officers:
Ronnie Turner, President: Office: (919) 775-3828; Mobile: (919) 770-7390
Robert Fulton, Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer: Office: (919) 775-3828; Mobile: (919) 777-3031

State of Incorporation:
North Carolina May 1988

Areas of Expertise:
Trail Construction

Company Description:
We are a full service site development general contractor with more than 25 years of experience in grading, paving, drainage and related site development construction. Sandhills Contractors, Inc. is interested in providing the following services to your organization: concrete/pavement/masonry sidewalk installation, streetscape/brick paver installation, concrete curb & gutter installation.

Formerly Sandhills Utility Company; name changed to Sandhills Contractors in January 1996