Rigging for Trail Work

Cost: $300 (includes lunches on both days)
Instructor: Jed Talbot, OBP Trailworks
Dates: March 17-18, 2017, 8am-5pm each day


Trail Work often requires moving heavy objects in a variety of settings and conditions. The proper utilization of backcountry rigging systems can increase worker safety and efficiency while reducing physical impacts to the environment. Trail rigging systems are comprised of tools such as hand and engine powered hoists, wire and synthetic rope, synthetic slings, shackles, and snatch blocks. Crews properly trained in safe rigging practices can move large loads such as logs and rocks by skidding them over the ground or suspending them in the air.

During a two day trail rigging workshop, participants will be educated in the following:
• Mechanical advantage
• Rigging components: use, safety and maintenance
• Component strength and Working Load Limits (WLL)
• Ground based operations: skidding and pulling
• Systems of communication
• Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and tailgate safety sessions
• Determining safe working positions
• Understanding vector forces on loads, blocks, slings, and hoists
• Aerial operations: skylines and highlead systems
• Setting blocks and anchor systems
• Belaying heavy loads

From: Jedediah Talbot
OBP Trailworks, LLC
(207) 312-1340