Terrain Dynamics for Trails Folks

Cost: $300/person (includes lunches both days)
Instructor: Michael Shields
Dates: March 17-18, 2017, 8am - 5pm each day

Location: Smith Rocks State Park


A 2-day workshop (1 classroom, 1 in field) providing an in-depth look at the variable nature and basic mechanics of the ground we build trails on, including snares hidden within it. Treats that ground as a "dynamic structure" and covers slope stability factors (including on flat ground),soil mechanics, terrain hydrology (both surface and subsurface), the roles of bedrock and vegetation, surface indicators of subsurface phenomena, and using this knowledge in the selection of trail routes, structures, and drainage systems that work. Includes problem scenarios and a binder of reference material.
Max class size 12 (with co-instructor on field day 2).

Instructor: Mike Shields, Michael D. Shields Consulting
(907) 746-2515