Solutions-based Trail Assessment

Instructors: Scott Linnenburger, Kay-Linn Enterprises, Jeremy Wimpey, Applied Trails Research and Woody Keen, Trail Wisdom
Cost: $450 per person (includes lunches all 3 days)
Workshop Dates: March 11-13, 2017
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm each day

Where: Conference Center, Smith Rocks


This workshop examines a balanced approach to sustainable trail and trail system management, integrating the physical, social and managerial contexts of sustainability. Participants will engage in classroom and hands on learning on a variety of topics, including:

·        Trail Inventory

·        Trail Assessment

·        Field Assessment 

o   GPS and Field Data Form

·        Trail Classification

·        Trail User Impacts

·        Risk Management

·        Signage Inventory

·        Trail Operations and Maintenance 


Day 1: ½ day indoors intro to trail assessment processes, then ½ in the field. 

Day 2: Full day in the field at Smith Rocks State Park doing trail assessment and data collection. 

Day 3: ½ day in the field and then ½ day wrap up with discussion on major areas of trail management plan development


Scott Linnenburger, PTBA Member

Scott Linnenburger has nearly 20 years of experience in recreation/trail development, conservation planning, and environmental restoration projects.  His successful work on more than 100 trail projects in the federal, state, local, and private sectors demonstrates a keen ability to assist clients in developing projects that fulfill their mission, protect natural resources, and enhance community sustainability.

 After developing the International Mountain Bicycling Association's Trail Solutions, Ride Center and Gateway Trail programs, Scott founded Kay-Linn Enterprises to provide professional consultation and project management services. 


With a long and successful career in the outdoor industry, Woody Keen has always been a positive voice for the benefits of playing in the natural world. After growing one of the largest trail contracting companies in the country, Trail Dynamics, Woody founded Trail Wisdom in 2012 to focus solely on trail education and mountain bike facility planning. 


Jeremey is the Research Lead, Applied Trails Research; Adjunct Faculty, Penn State University Recreation Park Tourism Management Program

Jeremy Wimpey, Ph.D. is the sole proprietor of Applied Trails Research, LLC, a trails assessment and recreation research company based in State College, PA. Dr. Wimpey is one of the country’s leading recreation ecology practitioners. His applied field investigations help public lands managers understand the phenomena and mechanisms associated with visitor-use-related impacts to wildlife, water, vegetation, and soils and impacts to other recreationists (degradation or enhancement of users’ experience) in outdoor settings. Dr. Wimpey combines his research background with on-the-ground trail expertise to develop innovative, science-based, adaptive management protocols that balance visitor use with resource protection. His work and training experience focus on estimation and modeling of recreation, wildland recreation classification, resource inventory, public involvement methodologies, social impact analyses, transportation-recreation integration, site design, use measurement, and facility operations and maintenance. His unique background—academic, trail enthusiast, entrepreneur—helps bring an innovative and holistic approach to providing solutions for recreation management challenges.