Trail Contracting - How to Make it a Good Experience

Cost: $180
Date & Time: March 12-13, 8am - 5pm (lunch on your own)
Location: Conference Center, Room TBA

Workshop Description:

A 2-part Workshop (taught since 1975) covering contract preparation, administration, and inspection.  Day 1 covers contract types and provisions, contract language, terms and conditions, procurement "boilerplate", Scope statements, RFP's vs RFQ's, Bid Schedules, the "Engineer's Estimate", writing good specifications, the role of drawings and sketches, and problems inherent in poorly prepared contracts.  Day 2 covers in-field administration and inspection, lines of contract authority, pre-bid actions and problems, contract and inspection records, appeals, disputes and claims, Stop Work Orders, accidents and "near-misses", contract closure vs termination, and problems arising from poor inspection or administration.  Scenarios and class exercises are used to emphasize points.  Participants receive a reference binder for each day, and are encouraged to share their personal experience where appropriate. 

Specific Learning Objectives:

- Be fully aware of what constitutes a good contract and its administration for both parties.

- Identify the risks and problems inherent in poorly prepared or administered contracts.

- Appreciate the "cooperative partnership" aspect of a successful contract.

Appropriate for:

Anyone preparing, administering, inspecting, or bidding on a trail maintenance or construction contract, or who anticipates doing so.


Mike Shields, Michael D. Shields Consulting, (907) 746-2515,

Mike Shields started out on trails in 1960, in the days of axes, misery whips, and 90-pound loads in a Trapper Nelson backpack.  He has worked and/or managed trail systems in National Parks in Washington, Texas, Utah, California, Colorado, and Alaska.  Following his retirement in 1996 he has been a contract consultant providing services and training to federal, state and municipal agencies, non-profits and community volunteer groups in Alaska and throughout the western "Lower 48".  He wrote and administered construction and maintenance contracts, predominantly trails-related, from 1970 through 1996, and has assisted state and federal agencies, municipalities, and non-profits with contract preparation and pre-Award actions from 1997 to present.