Concurrent Sessions: Technical Trailbuilding Skills

Build your trail tool kit with the Technical Trailbuilding Skills Track!

Introduction to Mechanized Trailbuilding
Charlie Dundas, Tri-State Trails, PTBA Secretary
Concurrent Session A, Monday, March 26, 10:05 am - 11:20 am
One skilled machine operator and the right machine can do the work of many hand laborers in a fraction of the time. In a dollars and cents world, machines can save you time and money on any given trail project. But an un-trained machine operator can do a lot of damage in no time. This introductory session will explore mechanized equipment, how to choose the right machines for the right jobs, and how to ensure that your operators get the training that they need.

Stone structures for pedestrian trails
Erin Amadon, Peter S. Jensen & Associates LLC
Concurrent Session B, Monday, March 26, 2:30 - 3:45 pm
Stone work is not for everyone, but for those with patience, attention to detail, a hard work ethic, and a general love for puzzles, stone work can be one of the most rewarding forms of trail work. Explore the various stone structures which can be used in trail construction. Topics will include ideal rock size and shapes for structures, safe transportation methods, and construction techniques for stone structures. 

Taking Great Photos of Great Trailwork
Andrew Mueller, Elevated Trail Design, PTBA Member
Concurrent Session C, Monday, March 26, 4-5:15 pm
Taking great photos of trails can be a challenge! Bad lighting and limited contrast are just two possible pitfalls. This session will discuss the benefits of quality photos. We will explore key photography concepts including Lighting, Composition, & Exposure. We will cover the do's and don't's of photography, especially as they relate to trails. Lastly, we will talk about digital editing options and strategies.

Is Rigging Right for you?
 Lester C. Kenway, Trail Services LLC, PTBA Member
Concurrent Session E, Tuesday, March 27, 1:30 - 2:45 pm
This session will present information about the safe use of Griphoist ® wire rope machines and their applications for moving materials for building trails. Power-point slides will illustrate Griphoist® products, safety guidelines, safe working loads, tools and accessories, as well as photos and descriptions of both simple ( dragging and lifting) and highly complex systems (High lines” and multi-line pulls). The presentation will provide examples of the various uses of rigging systems used to move materials up-slope, down-slope and across slopes.

GIS and GPS tools and techniques for trail design, planning, assessment and management
Jeremy Wimpey, Applied Trails Research, PTBA Member
Concurrent Session F, Tuesday, March 27,  3:15 - 4:30 pm
This session will provide real-world applications and techniques for integrating GIS and GPS data and tools into getting trails on the ground. Discussion will include a high to mid-level overview of the latest GIS and GPS tools and techniques and how they can be used to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in trail assessment, planning, design, and management.

Tools of the Trailbuilding Trade
Jerome Pelland, Sentiers Trails, PTBA Member
Concurrent Session G, Wednesday, March 28, 8:30 -9:15 am
This session presents the new products, innovative ways to use tools, and other secret tricks of the professional builders. 

Hybrid Contracting
Ryan Spates, S&S Trails
Concurrent Session H: Wednesday, March 28, 10:15 - 11:30 am

Combining the efforts of volunteers, youth corps and/or agency crews with the expertise and "heavy lift" ability of contractors is commonly know as "Hybrid Contacting.” This session will examine the technical side of creating teaming agreements/contractual arrangements, as well as case studies with successful outcomes and lessons learned from less successful projects.