Concurrent Sessions: Trailbuilding Basics

The Trailbuilding Basics Track explores foundational trail concepts and skill building opportunities!

Sustainable Trails 101
Michael Osborne, Five Rivers MetroParks
Concurrent Session B, Monday, March 26, 2;30 - 3:45 pm
The challenges of balancing ecological protection, physical management and social demands on natural surface hiking, equestrian, mountain biking and multi-use trails can be overwhelming. However, it is possible to meet these challenges by creating sustainable trails that are designed to last into the next century. We'll cover the critical components and processes necessary for truly sustainable trail design and construction, along with engaging all your agency departments, stakeholders, user groups and volunteers.

Sustainable Trails 102
Jon Underwood, Happy Trails AK, PTBA Board President
Concurrent Session C, Monday, March 26, 4-5:15 pm
Follow-up Sustainable Trails 101 with this session for a complete overview! What are the practical parts and pieces to designing a sustainable trail on the ground? In this session, we will cover 8 basic elements of practical sustainable trail design for natural surface trails, from planning to water control to maintenance.  

Bridges 101
Charlie Dundas, Tri-State Trails, PTBA Secretary
Concurrent Session D, Tuesday, March 27, 8:30 - 9:45 am

Introduction to the basic types of trail and pedestrian bridges by Tri-State Company, Inc. Includes discussion of the basic considerations of bridge design. Descussion of site selection, the "physics of bridge functioning", dead load, live load, and moment of load. The presentation includes photos, drawings, and animations. 

The Biz of Trailbuilding, Pro Panel
Moderated by Lora Woolner, True North Trails
Concurrent Session F, Tuesday, March 27,  3:15 - 4:30 pm
This roundtable discussion will be a moderated discussion with opportunity for Q&A. Topics will include buying equipment, taxes, insurance, business structure, amortization of eqipment, cash flow and more! Join the conversation and get started on the Trailbuilder 'MBA'.

Trail Crew Safety and Tailgate Safety Talk
Robert Fina, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club
Concurrent Session G, Wednesday, March 28, 8:30 -9:15 am
Most land managers require a tailgate safety talk before volunteer trail crews start work. This session will cover all the necessary topics to include from knowing the nearest road acces, an evacuation plan, weather report, proper clothing, hazard analysis, PPE, safe tool transport & leaving the site safe. This session is a must for all crew leaders working with volunteers!

Stages of Design and Layout
Jon Underwood, Happy Trails AK, PTBA Board President
Concurrent Session H, Wednesday, March 28, 10:15 - 11:30 am
You need money to commission a good trail design. But you need a trail design before you ask for money. And you need a design before you can get permission from a land manager to build a trail. But you need permission from the land manager before you spend money on a design! How do you solve this chicken-and-egg dilemma? What are the strategies to get you to a good design? What comprises a construction-ready layout? In this session we will answer these questions and help you figure out how to bring a great trail to life.