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Keynote Speaker - Bob Woodward

Wednesday Lunch

In 1970, Bob Woodward (the one here in Bend- not the Washington Post writer) left corporate America for his start in the outdoor industry. He never looked back. His first commitment was at Sierra Designs who was an early leader in the outdoor industry making tents, sleeping bags and packs based in in Berkeley CA. He left Sierra designs in 1976 to become a freelance outdoor sports writer and photographer and the owner/operator of summer cross-country ski camps.  In 1978, Bob and his wife Eileen moved to Bend where he eventually came to found and publish SNEWS, the outdoor industry insider’s newsletter as well serve in editorial roles at Times-Mirror Magazines, CBS Publications and the New York Times Magazine Group. One of the area’s first  mountain bike riders, Bob was a co-founder of the Central Oregon Trail Alliance. Bob also served on Bend’s City Council, was Bend’s mayor from 1997 to 1999, served on Bend’s Park and Recreation Board, and was elected to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2013. There are few things (if any) that have to do with adventure in Bend that Bob has not had his finger on (and nose in). Bob will talk about trails, early trail building and the growth of one of America’s best adventure and trail towns.  

Concurrent Sessions

This year's conference will have multiple tracks, with progressive sessions in each track.  Choose one track or jump around!

Trailbuilding Basics

  • Intro to Sustainable Trails, Woody Keen, Trail Wisdom
  • Intro to Trail Maintenance 101, Woody Keen, Trail Wisdom
  • Advanced Trail Maintenance 202, Woody Keen, Trail Wisdom
  • Stages of Trail Layout and Design, Jon Underwood, 
  • Your Sustainable Trails Aren't, Chris Bernhardt, Sentieros Consulting
  • Full Circle Trail Planning and Project Management Online Tools, Tom Landers, LocaleIQ
  • Top 10 Trail Fails: How to Avoid the Pitfalls, Scott Gordon, ContourLogic
  • Stonework for Trails, Kent Howes, Treadwerks Trail Consulting
  • Trail Signage: Wayfinding, Warnings, and Trailheads, Jason Strouder, Progressive Trail Designs

Contracting/Technical Trailbuilding

  • The Role of Mapping and GIS in Trail Design and Construction, Noah Brautigam, Morton Trails
  • Trail Contracting, Mike Shields, Michael D. Shields Consulting
  • Hybrid Contracting, Gerry Wilbour, Northwest Trails, Inc. and Ryan Spates S&S Trails
  • Design and Engineering of Trail Bridges and Structures, Gerry Wilbour, Northwest Trails, Jim La Hatt, P.E., La Hatt Engineering Corp
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for Trails, Jon Underwood, Happy Trails, Inc.
  • Fiberglass Trail Bridges, Dustin Troutman, Creative Pultrusions, Inc.
  • Common mistakes on improved surface trails, Ryan Spates, S&S Trails

Mountain Bikes Trails

  • Fat biking Fun: Groomed Winter Fat Bike Trails Development and Management, Gary Meyer, COTA and Marv Lang, USFS, and Scott Gordon, ContourLogic
  • Predator: Washington’s First Non-Lift Serviced Downhill Mountain Bike Trail, Yvonne Kraus, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
  • Developing Long-Distance Mountain Bike Trail, Gabriel Amadeus, Limberlost
  • Designing the Ultimate Pumptrack, Jerome Pelland, Sentier Boreal
  • Construction and management of all-season mountain bike trails in subarctic Alaska, Eddie Kessler, Ptarmigan Ptrails and George Hoden, Matsu Borough
  • Trail hardening for mountain bike trails, Eddie Kessler, Ptarmigan Ptrails

Partnerships and Case Studies

  • Ma ke ala o na kupuna, The Footsteps of Our AncestorsDoris Rowland, State of Hawaii/Department of Land and Natural Resources/Division of Forestry and Wildlife/Na Ala Hele Trails and Access Program
  • The Stimulus of Trails to Grow Communities, Greg Mazu, Singletrack Trails
  • Ridge to Rivers – A Model for Collaborative Management, David Gordon, Ridge to Rivers Program Manager, Lana Weber, Community Engagement Associate with the Idaho Conservation League
  • Trails for the Soul - Aesthetics, Artistry, and Trail Design, Mark Gronewald, Trailwerx
  • Epic Fail – Turning our failures into tomorrow's success, Rocky Houston, Douglas County Parks Director
  • No. No. no. Getting to yes or at least getting to a smaller no, Rocky Houston, Douglas County Parks Director


  • Fire on the Mountain, Building trails while the mountain burns, Dave Bastian, UCC and Cache County
  • Engaging the Next Generation – Partnerships with Conservation Corps, Jeff Parker, Northwest Youth Corps and the Corps Network
  • Creating community and connections to the land with Urban Trail Crews: Anchorage Alaska's Youth Employment in the Parks (YEP), Eddie Kessler, Ptarmigan Ptrails.

Trail Policy + Accessibility 

  • Management of E-Bikes on Public Trails, Jill Van Winkle, Portland Parks and Recreation and Chris Bernhardt, Sentieros Trails
  • OHV Programs in Oregon, Ian Caldwell, Oregon State Parks
  • Risk Management on Trails, Woody Keen, Trail Wisdom
  • Sustainable Trails For All , Peter Jensen, Jensen and Associates, and Janet Zeller, USFS