Baileys Trail System, OH

To Whom would you like your solicitation available: Open to experienced and qualified professional mountain bike trail builders

 Project Title: Baileys Trail System

Project Solicitation Number (if any): 2019-06-03

 Project Description: 

 This RFQ will exclusively qualify interested contractors for the duration of the anticipated project build, through 2022. The Baileys Mountain Bike Trail Project was proposed in a trail master plan for the Wayne National Forest in 1994. Through renewed discussions in 2015 between WNF and local volunteers the 9,000-acre parcel called the Baileys Tract is slated for the development of 88 miles of purpose build mountain bike trails, connecting bordering communities with trailheads to stimulate local economic activity, community quality of life, and access to forest-based recreation. The process to get trails on the ground included building a community collaborative, fundraising for a master plan, hiring Applied Trails Research to develop the plan and completing the NEPA process. All these tasks were accomplished in under two years due to smart, dedicated people in government, non-profit and the communities all championing the project. With our first round of funding secured we are looking for builders to develop trails in the phase 1 area of the Baileys. Radiating out from the Village of Chauncey, OH, we expect this area to be a major anchor for the trail system. Adding trail levels and elements not present in our current regional trail inventory will be key to attracting a larger, more diverse group of users. 

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Baileys Trail System Athens Ohio, Wayne National Forest

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Peter Kotses

Email Address:

Closest City to Project: Athens & Nelsonville, Ohio

State/Province/Region: Ohio

Country: USA

Pre-Bid Meeting Date: 6/12/2019 (phone call, site visits encouraged prior to submittal)

Pre-Bid Meeting Time: 1600 Eastern

Anticipated Project Start Date: Fall 2019

Application Deadline: 6/28/2019

Additional Project Bid Information: