City of Riverside, CA

To Whom would you like your solicitation available: Open to the Public

Project Title: Mt Rubidoux Unpaved Trail Modifications for Storm Water Management, Repairs, and Improvements, and Historic Water Feature Repair

Project Solicitation Number (if any): Bid 1583

Project Description: All correspondence, communications and contact in regard to any aspect of this solicitation or offers shall be with Alisa Sramala, email: The final day for the receipt of questions from the Proposer shall be June 16, 2016 before 3:00pm.

Proposal Due Date/Time: Prior to 3:00 p.m. on June 23, 2016.

Proposals are to be submitted on or before the date and time indicated, and submitted and time stamped by the purchasing office at the address below before the deadline. LATE PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

All Prospective Proposers submitting a proposal must be listed on the "Electronic Bidders List", by subscribing on the City's If the Proposer is not listed on the Electronic Bidders List the proposal will not be considered or accepted.

The front of all submittals must be addressed and labeled as follows:

Bidder’s Name & Address
City of Riverside
Purchasing Dept.
Att: Art Torres (RFP 1583)
3900 Main Street, 6th Floor
Riverside CA. 92522
RFP NO.: 1583
DUE: 06/23/2016
PROJECT: Mt. Rubidoux Unpaved Trail Modifications for Storm Water Management, Repairs, and Improvements, and Historic Water Feature Repair

The successful Consultant will provide the minimum following services:
1. Site analysis, including an examination of the storm water flows within the drainage area flowing through the project area
2. Design, including:
(a). Coordination with the City of Riverside Fire Department to modify the alignment/configuration of the firebreaks to appear less like part of the trail system while not jeopardizing fire safety
(b). Trail system design to modify the existing unpaved trails to resolve issues such as erosion, creation of unauthorized social trails by users, and safety. Trails shall be designed to be generally sustainable with little need for major on-going maintenance efforts
(c). Storm water management to direct and convey water to prevent erosion on the hill and trails, and to protect the historic water feature at the base of the hill, including coordination with the water feature restoration work for any required modifications to convey storm water around or through the water feature
(d). Extension of the on-site domestic water line from the Carlson Park dog run area to the new trailhead area for a new drinking fountain and water bottle filler
(e). Plumbing and electrical repairs to bring waterfall back into operation
(f). Other design services as needed to implement the primary project elements described in this RFP.
3. Preliminary estimate of construction cost;
4. Bid documents including plans and specifications for public bid, all reviewed and approved as required by the City and any other agency having jurisdiction.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: City of Riverside

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Alisa Sramala

Email Address:

Closest City to Project: Riverside

State/Province/Region: California

Country: United States

Pre-Bid Meeting Date: //

Pre-Bid Meeting Time: :: AM

Anticipated Project Start Date: //

Application Deadline: 6/23/2016

Additional Project Bid Information: Bids must be submitted directly to the City and not through any third-party.

Refer to bid instructions on City's Website:,-Repairs,-and-Improvements,-and-Historic-Water-Feature-Repair