Friends of the Norwalk River Valley Trail

To Whom would you like your solicitation available: Open to the Public

Project Title: Norwalk River Valley Trail, Fairfield

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Project Description: Request for Proposal
Preparation of Construction Documents

“Wil-Walk” Section

Broad Street, Norwalk, CT
Wolfpit Road, Wilton, CT

October 11, 2016 

1. Organizational background

The Friends of the Norwalk River Valley Trail is a not for profit assemblage of volunteers geared towards helping to create a 10-foot wide trail from Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, to Rogers Park in Danbury. The five towns through which the trail passes are partners in the project, as well as individuals, the regional planning agency, National Park Service, and others. To date, the trail is constructed in Norwalk from the Maritime Aquarium to Union Park, and from Route 7 in Wilton at Wolfpit Road to just south of Twin Oaks Road.

2. Short project description

In March of 2016 the Friends of the Norwalk River Valley Trail and the town of Wilton were awarded a $1.2 M grant for the design of the NRVT from Wolfpit Road in Wilton to Broad Street in Norwalk, including the railroad crossing, and construct it from Grist Mill Road in Norwalk to Wolfpit Road, Wilton, excluding the railroad crossing. 

The 31,000-foot section of trail will be 10 feet wide, and made of packed cinder consistent with the trail previously constructed as part of the east side of the “Wilton Loop.” Bridges and boardwalks are also anticipated and will likewise be 10 feet in width of a design consistent with the Wilton Loop East. The design of the trail shall be ADA compliant and suitable for multi-modal uses. 

Additional information pertaining to the general location of the trail can be viewed in the Norwalk River Valley Trail Routing Study: Regional Report located on our website
The purpose of this request for proposal is to hire professionals to produce the design/construction documents.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Friends of the Norwalk River Valley Trail

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Patricia Sesto

Email Address:

Closest City to Project: Norwalk

State/Province/Region: CT

Country: USA

Pre-Bid Meeting Date: //

Pre-Bid Meeting Time: :: AM

Anticipated Project Start Date: 1/1/2017

Application Deadline: 11/21/2016

Additional Project Bid Information: 3. Project requirements and project objectives: 

A successful project team will consist of, at a minimum a professional trail builder, civil engineer, and structural engineer. The team will be responsible for providing construction documents of sufficient detail and number to support permit applications at the local and state level and for construction. In addition to working with the NRVT Steering Committee, coordination of planning will be required between the project team, Metro-North, and Eversource, which may include travel to meetings in Newington, CT.

The development plans will be based on the schematic design presented in the NRVT “Routing Study: Regional Report,” 2012, prepared Alta Planning + Design and construction details provided by Timber and Stone, LLC for the east side of the Wilton Loop, 2014.

The project team will plan to meet with designated members of the steering committee no less than three times and attend two meetings in each Norwalk and Wilton for the purpose of securing permits.
Cost estimates for design development shall be submitted. 

4. Project budget:

The $1.2 million grant is allocated to cover design and construction. Accordingly, the proposed budget submitted by the project team for design needs to be cognizant of the Friends larger objective to construct the trail. This is a matching grant and any donated services can be applied to this requirement.

Proposals shall include a budget with fixed fees for each service.

5. Milestones and deadlines:

The grant expires in March of 2019 and strong consideration will be given to the timeline proposed to provide the design documents.

Proposals shall include an estimate of the various time frames for each phase of the project.

6. Required information: 

Proposals shall include complete information on each consulting firm comprising the team, examples of similar work of each, identification of the lead firm, identification of the individuals who will be assigned to this project and their experience, and any other information prospective teams feel is appropriate to convey your suitability to implement this work.

Billing rates and Terms and Conditions shall be provided.

7. Contact information and deadline for submissions

Questions shall be submitted in writing to

A letter of intent to submit a proposal shall be submitted to Patricia Sesto at by October 31, 2016.

Proposals shall be postmarked by November 21, 2016 in hard copy (5) and digitally and mailed to

Patricia Sesto
P.O. Box 174
Georgetown, CT 06829

8. Contract Award

The Friends will choose the winning proposal, at its sole discretion, based on the team’s ability to achieve the various requirements of the project.