Mesa County, CO

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The County of Mesa, Colorado, will receive sealed bids for the Palisade Plunge Phase I Project (IFB-19-03146- 0301) at the Mesa County Public Works Department, 200 South Spruce, Grand Junction, Colorado, until 10:00 A.M., May 22, 2019. All bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the Mesa County Public Works Department, at 200 South Spruce, Grand Junction, CO 81501 at 10:00 A.M., May 22, 2019.

The Palisade Plunge Phase 1 project includes the trail construction from route MP 18.23 (USFS/BLM boundary) to MP 31.58 where the route approaches US Hwy 6. This 13.35 miles of trail traverses remote and rough terrain, with a wide variation of foliage, surface & soils type, grade, and substantial exposure. Included within this route are sections requiring the creation of substantial rock work features. Additional construction elements completed by resources outside of this bid package will include; two connector trails between the new route and the existing Palisade Rim Trail, and the Hwy 6 crossing area which includes fencing, barriers, pads, signage, etc. Please note the various elements presented in the package information, including the construction timing limitations for wildlife, found on pg 23 of the EA. In addition to the trail construction, project tasks will include the placement of various signage elements, fence ride-over features, fence installation, and gate installations. These details are presented in tabular form, with supporting information, within the bid package. The successful contractor will be required to coordinate with both BLM and Mesa County staff and resources throughout the project to meet the requirements of both the EA, the stated Trail Management Objectives (TMO, included), and the contracting agency (Mesa County). As a part of contractor qualification, the bid package includes the requirement for the submission of representative information illustrating the contractors prior experience and skill in addressing similar construction needs, terrain types, familiarity with and access to various trail building machinery, and illustration of best examples of prior work. The broader goal for the Phase 1 project is to complete the route access to MP 14.75, where the route intercepts Lands End Rd. This connection will serve as the riders access point for the initial portion of the Plunge route. The entire route from MP 14.75 to 31.58 is referred to as "Phase 1+". We would like to obtain separate bids for "Phase 1" and for "Phase 1+", to be considered for an opportunity to utilize, if possible, contractor resources while they are beneficially located to take advantage of economies in construction effort. The only portion of existing trail to be utilized as a part of the route is the Whitewater Basin Tr USFS #700 ( A portion of this route will be utilized for the Plunge route, though it will require rework along the portion used, and reroutes in two locations. This trail will be utilized within the "Phase 1+" extent of the Plunge. 5 The timeline for project completion of "Phase 1" or "Phase 1+" is Dec 1, 2019, within the region affected by the winter wildlife closure, and barring substantial influence from unique seasonal weather events