Project Title: French Bar Overlook Trail Construction

Project Title: French Bar Overlook Trail Construction

Scope of Contract
The French Bar Overlook Trail (FBOT) project will include construction of a native (dirt) surface trail for pedestrian use only at Bear Yuba Land Trust’s (“BYLT”) Rice’s Crossing Preserve located along the Yuba River near Bridgeport. This project will include construction of approximately 2,800 linear feet of new trail which will traverse a hillside leading down to the Yuba River. Views along the trail give glimpses of a rarely seen section of the river and interpretive panels will educate hikers about the history of the land and water. Culverts will be located in necessary drainages as described in the trail description. The trail construction will start at a relatively flat area near a previous home site and will wind down to an existing dirt road that parallels the Yuba River. This work includes, but is not limited to: clearing a trail corridor, grubbing out roots and stumps, earthwork, rock removal, installation of drainage structures including two culverts, and trail surface and finish in accordance with BYLT specifications. 
Project Location
This project is located in Nevada County, California on BYLT’s Rice’s Crossing Preserve. This 2,707-acre preserve extends from New Bullards Bar Reservoir in the north to Englebright Reservoir in the south. Access to the site is from Pleasant Valley Road just north of the South Yuba River State Park at Bridgeport. The Rice’s Crossing Road turnoff is approximately ¼ mile past the historic Bridgeport Covered Bridge. Turn left onto Rice’s Crossing Road and continue approximately 4 miles. Please note: This location is closed to the public until all recreational improvements are completed. 
NOTE: Any prospective bidder desiring an explanation or interpretation of the solicitation, drawings, specifications, etc. must request it in writing soon enough to allow a reply to reach all prospective bidders before submission of their bids. Oral explanations or instructions given before the award of a contract will not be binding. In no event shall failure to inspect the site constitute grounds for a claim after contract award. BYLT will conduct a walk-through on the property on Friday, September 14th at 9:00 am. 
Trail Descriptions
FBOT Description - See attachments for further details.
Trail width: the trail will be 24”-36”, except where existing conditions cannot be mitigated. In this case tread may be reduced to 18”. 
Structures: two culverts 18” in diameter and 10’ long are required.
Trail use: trail use will be limited to hikers only. Horses, bikes, and dogs will not be allowed on the FBOT since it is managed as a wildlife preserve. 
Surfacing: trail tread will be compacted native soils. 
Clearing: all brush, trees, and ground cover will be removed from the trail bed as well as cut and fill slopes. Stumps will be removed from the trail bed and back slope. The trail corridor will be cleared to a distance of at least 8’ wide and 10’ high. Trees < 6” DBH can be removed and grubbed out. Trees > 6” DBH will not be removed unless approved on site by a BYLT staff member. 
Erosion control: in order to ensure that water drains from the trail, the trail tread will be out sloped 3%-5% and rolling dips will be constructed in order to ensure that water drains from the trail. Grade dips or rolling dips will be constructed at intervals of approximately 150 feet throughout all new constructed trail segments. (Standard Drawing 927-10-02 Standard Specification No. 927.10)
Construction considerations: the trail bed will utilize full bench construction and will be built by hand or mechanized means using a mini excavator. No other type of mechanized equipment is acceptable. (Standard Drawing 911-01 Specification No. 911.1)
Disposal of cleared debris: cleared debris will be piled for burning in locations suitable for large burn piles. 
Environmental disturbance: when layout and alignment of the trail needs to be adjusted attempts will be made to weave around trees, native plant populations and visible wildlife habitat while still meeting the trail grade requirements. We want to limit the amount of trees and vegetation that will be removed. It is our goal to not remove any trees > 6” DBH. If the trail alignment can not be sufficiently moved to preserve all trees > 6” DBH then the trees can be removed. When trees are removed the stumps will be grubbed out and disposed of using the guidelines outlined in Standard Drawing 912-01 and in the Trail Specifications sections through 
Mitigation Measures
Bird nesting season is from March 1st to July 31st, and therefore no trail construction will take place during this time. If construction is delayed and work needs to be conducted during nesting season a qualified wildlife biologist is required to conduct surveys of nest sites to ensure no birds will be disturbed throughout the construction process. 

Soil fill and aggregate surfacing material shall be mechanically compacted with equipment such as a vibratory plate or jumping jack, pursuant to the local grading ordinance.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Bear Yuba Land Trust

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Shaun Clarke

Email Address:

Closest City to Project: Penn Valley

State/Province/Region: California


Pre-Bid Meeting Date: 9/14/2018

Pre-Bid Meeting Time: 9:0:0 AM

Anticipated Project Start Date: 11/1/2018

Application Deadline: 9/28/2018

Additional Project Bid Information: If you contact me at I will send prospective bidders the RFP.