Avid Trails LLC

To Whom would you like your solicitation available to: Open to the Public

Project Title: Tampa Area Singletrack Installation - approx. 18,000 LF, milled asphalt surface material

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Project Description: Avid Trails, LLC seeks specialty contractor to install approximately 20,000 linear feet of 18-24" wide singletrack trail on mix of drainage pond downslopes and through some natural terrain in large planned residential community. Drainage pond downslopes are 4:1 slope, ranging from 8-20' in width with adjacent 25' wetland buffer. Pond berm slopes are composed of non-stablized fill dirt, primarily sand and therefore requires a stabilizing milled asphalt material be used on the surface. A large portion has been recently sodded, requiring the contractor to cut through the sod, create a bench and add millings before compacting to complete the tread. 

Intermittent “piles” of approximately 1 cu. yd. of soil will be placed every 100’ or so along the trail alignment to add slight elevation changes and flow to the trail as it meanders up and down pond berm slope. Mounds to be shaped by hand or small equipment by builder with application of the finished tread through the piles to be accomplished by techniques outlined above. Soil piles to be seeded or sodded following completion of trail installation.

Approximately 10-12 customary bicycle obstacles designed primarily for novice to intermediate riders are to be interspersed alongside trail. Short segments of trail may be placed in first 10' of wetland buffer where appropriate (dry conditions, favorable soil, etc.). 

Avid Trails to field design and pin flag alignment prior to contractor's arrival on site or in collaboration with selected contractor. An additional 36,000 - 40,000 linear feet of similar trail to be constructed over life of project.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Avid Trails, LLC

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Justin Lax

Email Address: justin@avidtrails.com

Closest City to Project: Tampa

State/Province/Region: Florida

Country: United States

Pre-Bid Meeting Date: //

Pre-Bid Meeting Time: :: AM

Anticipated Project Start Date: 7/5/2016

Application Deadline: 5/27/2016

Additional Project Bid Information: NOTES:

1. Submit material sample prior to installation. Material is to be fine ground, with a maximum sieve size
of 3/8”. Large “chunks” of material will not be acceptable. (We have identified 2-3 sources of material in the area for consideration)

2. Cut 18”-24” bench on berm downslope, meandering up and down the slope per markings (pin flag line or
equivalent) placed by Avid Trails. Trail alignment must follow markings as placed, unless changes are
agreed to by Avid Trails and contractor prior to the start of work.

3. Tread cut may be full or partial bench (no less than half cut/fill bench). Existing sod (where applicable) to
be cut cleanly at top edge, removed from tread area and disposed of by lying flat on downside of tread,
or removal entirely from berm. Sod may not be used in any portion of the tread or as part of the tread fill

4. Material to be spread and compacted to create a smooth running tread.“Washboarding” is to be avoided,
but appropriate rolling grade dips and other grade deviations, created using standard trail construction
best practices will be tolerated. Subject to approval by Avid Trails.

5. Compact to approximately 95% using a small vibratory drum compactor (trench compactor or
equivalent) or plate compactor.

6. No edging to be used, application and compaction of the material will result in a natural offslope angle of
the material on the downslope.

Cross section available upon request.