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1. Gritt Mill 2. Dog to Desolation 3. Mineral Fork

Project Description

1. The Grit Mill project is a collaboration between the USFS, Salt Lake Climbers Alliance and Trails Utah to construct and improve trail access for the Grit Mill Climbing area, located at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The West Loop, specific to this project consists of approximately .55 miles of backcountry/singletrack recreational trail for multi-use trail. The West Loop is a component of a greater comprehensive trail and access plan for the area.
2. Dog to Desolation Lake backcountry trail. ¾ mile re-routed section of the popular Desolation Trail, located between Big and Millcreek Canyons in the Wasatch Cache National Forest. Alignment and initial clearing to be done by the USFS. 3. Mineral Fork Trail Maintenance Project. The Mineral Form motorized trail is located up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This maintenance project consists of 4.5 miles of existing motorized trail that needs to be graded, brushed and proper drainage addressed and incorporated where necessary, consistent with Industry Standards.

Contact Person:  Senta Beyer

Contact Phone: 435-640-8472

Contact Email:

Pre-Bid Meeting Date? 13-Aug-2015

Pre-Bid Meeting Time:  09:00 AM

Application Deadline:  26-Aug-2015

Additional Comments

Also worth noting, the scope of work, specific to the Grit Mill project has a chance of expanding, dependent on additional grant funding being awarded for the project.

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