Tutka Backdoor Access and Continuity, Homer AK

To Whom would you like your solicitation available: Open to the Public

Project Title: Tutka Backdoor Access and Continuity

Project Solicitation Number (if any): Phase 2

Project Description: Provide Trail Construction leadership and training for using native stone to build stairs and routes around remote cliffs in a wilderness park near Homer, Alaska.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Ground Truth Trekking is applying for a Recreational Trail Program grant, due October 14, 2017

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Kevin Walker

Email Address: homerkev@gmail.com

Closest City to Project: Seldovia, Alaska

State/Province/Region: Alaska / Kenai Peninsula / Kachemak Bay

Country: USA

Pre-Bid Meeting Date: 10/12/2017

Pre-Bid Meeting Time:

Anticipated Project Start Date: 7/5/2018

Application Deadline: 10/12/2017

Additional Project Bid Information: 

We are having difficulty finding qualified contractors - and our deadline for proposals is this weekend! 

Ground Truth Trekking (GTT) would appreciate a rough dollar / field day rate for one or two experts willing to work with a group of volunteers. Ultimately, we could put rockwork on 5 miles of terrain, but for next year several hundred feet of the highest-priority sections would be great. One priority section is about 300 feet with a climb of around 100 feet, mostly on hard rock with thin wet soils, and limited nearby boulders. I expect our approach here will have to be very opportunistic, and I can't imagine you could give a solid estimate without surveying the site yourself. Hence I'd rather hear what it'd cost you to put in per day, rather than what it'd cost total.

The component of working with volunteers is critical as well - we have some great volunteers, a few with some excellent rockwork experience, but most with none (myself included.) We want a contractor who will utilize our volunteers to get work done, and simultaneously teach those volunteers so they can continue the work afterwards.

Related to this - we are budgeting to purchase equipment. We do have a close relationship with Kachemak Bay State Park and Wilderness Area, but their equipment is typically unavailable to us simply because we're an independent operation and they have their own things going on.

If you provide your costs to get to Homer, AK, that would be great, but we can probably figure that out too. We will figure out the logistics to get into the field, set up a group camp, and so on. We can provide boat transportation from Homer to the trailhead, and the rock work is about 1-3 miles inland over an existing trail.