USDA Forest Service Southern Region Disaster Recovery Support BPA

Project Title: USDA Forest Service Southern Region Disaster Recovery Support BPA

Project Solicitation Number (if any): Solicitation #: 1243ZP19R0002

Project Description: Trails and the ability to do work to help in the recovery of trails after an event such as a fire is included. You only have to bid on whatever you want to work on. Unlike other BPAs, the bid price is just your overhead and is NOT a ceiling price. We are looking for a wide variety of contractors to work on this. If you do NOT submit a bid, you CANNOT be hired locally. Encourage people to get on the BPA and then you have the choice to bid or not on any task orders issued under this BPA.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: USDA Forest Service, Southern Region

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Chris Ford

Email Address:

Closest City to Project: Southern Region, Coastal States

State/Province/Region: LA, TX, SC, NC, GA, MS, FL

Country: USA

Pre-Bid Meeting Date:

Pre-Bid Meeting Time:

Anticipated Project Start Date:

Application Deadline: 3/8/2019

Additional Project Bid Information: This is less about a perfect bid and pricing than it is getting your name on a list of vendors with technical skills in trail assessment, trail clearing, reconstruction and heavy maintenance.

(Sent via Professional TrailBuilders Association)