Walnut Hill Nature Preserve in Wake and Johnston Counties, North Carolina, southeast of Raleigh.

To Whom would you like your solicitation available: Open to the Public

Project Title: Walnut Hill - Riverwalk Multi-use Trails

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Project Description: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
CONTACT: Matt Rutledge (mrutledge@triangleland.org)

ISSUED: May 7, 2019
RESPONSES DUE: May 24, 2019

Triangle Land Conservancy (TLC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that strives to create a healthier and more vibrant Triangle region by safeguarding clean water, protecting natural habitats, supporting local farms and food, and connecting people with nature through land protection and stewardship, catalyzing community action, and collaboration.

Qualified contractors are invited to submit proposals to provide construction services to TLC for sustainable hiking and multi-use trails at the Walnut Hill Nature Preserve in Wake and Johnston Counties, North Carolina, southeast of Raleigh.

TLC is soliciting proposals for the construction of multi-use trails at Walnut Hill Nature Preserve in Wake and Johnston Counties that allow hiking and mountain biking. The trails will be constructed in line with, as much as possible, the trail plan TLC has had developed by a professional trail contractor. All trails should be constructed with the long-term sustainability of the trail in mind.

TLC owns the 405-acre Walnut Hill in Wake and Johnston Counties and aims to open the property to the public for hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and other activities in the spring of 2020. Walnut Hill is a historic agricultural property that will continue to host agricultural activities in the future. TLC is seeking to integrate agricultural, natural, and recreational components, and the northern section of the property will experience the most intensive agricultural use, as well as groups of visitors, and an agricultural concept plan is available upon request. TLC has worked with a professional trail contractor to design a trail system that incorporates 14.4 miles of hiking and multi-use trails. This RFP is for the Phase 1 of trail construction, which will include at least 4.8 miles of trail. TLC is seeking funding for additional trail mileage for Phase 2 trail construction. The complete trail plan includes several different trail formats throughout the property, including hiking-only trails and double-track trails at the northern end of the property. This project will also seek to utilize TLC’s volunteer base to build trail where appropriate, such as on relatively flat sections.

The contractor will construct approximately 0.6 miles of double track multi-use trail and a minimum of 4.8 miles of single track multi-use trail at Walnut Hill Nature Preserve and construct 3 bridges as part of an overall trail plan of 14.4 miles of hiking and multi-use trail. The contractor will be expected to build the trail in accordance with sustainable trail methods, using the International Mountain Biking Association’s Trail Builders Guide. The contractor will follow TLC’s trail plan, as much as possible, and work with TLC on any special considerations. In addition, TLC seeks to utilize volunteers to help build a portion of trail. The contractor will seek to identify sections well suited to construction with hand-digging and allow the volunteers to complete sections of the trail.

This project will require communication between the contractor and the Project Manager, Matt Rutledge and Senior Land Manager, Walt Tysinger. The contractor will be expected to complete the trail construction by September 30, 2019. Extensions past this date may be considered within reason due to weather or other unavoidable causes of delay. 

Site tours are available upon request. 

All interested parties shall be qualified to do business and licensed in accordance with all applicable laws of the state and local governments where the project is located (Wake and Johnston Counties, NC). All bidders should be general contractors licensed in the state of North Carolina. In addition, all bidders shall have comparable and demonstrated experience matching Professional Trailbuilders Association (PTBA) criteria for new members.

To be considered for this work, your proposal must be signed by an officer of your firm and mailed to Triangle Land Conservancy, c/o Matt Rutledge, 514 South Duke Street, Durham, NC 27705, or emailed to mrutledge@triangleland.org. All proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. on May 24, 2019.

Proposals should include:
• Project name
• Name of company and key personnel with qualifications
• General contractor’s license number
• Identify if the firm is a member of the Professional Trailbuilders Association
• Years of experience building trail
• Types of equipment operated and experience
• Per foot cost for trail construction (single track and double track)
• Include examples of past experience constructing hiking and mountain biking trails
• Detail team/firm’s understanding of issues that could affect schedule or project success and discuss how these issues will be anticipated and managed.
• Provide a projected timetable according to Scope of Work

Proposals will be reviewed by the TLC’s Conservation and Stewardship staff, who may request additional information and an interview from certain bidders.

This project will be awarded in agreement with the “Best Value” as determined by TLC staff. Cost will be an important factor, but not the controlling factor in the selection process.

Other factors may include:
• Demonstrated expertise on similar projects by the contractor
• Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and expectations
• Ability to work with volunteer groups 
• Proximity to the project location

The contractor selected will need to demonstrate proof of general liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence and workers’ comp coverage of at least $500,000 per occurrence and list TLC as additional insured for the duration of the work. In addition, the contractor must have a business license and be a member in good standing with the PTBA.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Triangle Land Conservancy

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Matt Rutledge

Email Address: mrutledge@triangleland.org

Closest City to Project: Raleigh

State/Province/Region: NC

Country: United States

Pre-Bid Meeting Date:

Pre-Bid Meeting Time:

Anticipated Project Start Date: 6/1/2019

Application Deadline: 5/24/2019

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