Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park

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Project Title: Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park

Project Solicitation Number (if any):

Project Description: Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park will be the first dedicated mountain bike park in
Williamson County. Named after its location, the future Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike
Park will be constructed on approximately 156 acres of hilly and wooded, undeveloped
land. This property, owned by Williamson County Parks & Recreation (WCP&R), is located
on both sides of Wilkins Branch Road, just west of Main Street in Leiper's Fork,

When complete, this dedicated mountain bike park will have miles of single track trail
consisting of beginner through advanced flow and technical singletrack trails, downhill
trails, endurance trails, and a pump track and skills area.

Scope of Project Work:
Outdoor Encounter, Inc. seeks to utilize the resources of Williamson County Government
resources when appropriate. To that end, we are dividing the Phase 1 - Pump Track into
two sections, Phase 1A (Design & Cost Estimation) & Phase 1B (Construction).
This RFP is limited to Phase 1A. The proponent will work with Outdoor Encounter &
Williamson County to both design the pump track and create a budget for the total costs
of construction.

Phase 1A – Design
The design element will include a complete and final pump track design. The proponent
will assess the pump track site and use natural resources (existing trees, etc.) where
appropriate. The pump track should be suitable for as broad a range of ages and abilities
as reasonably feasible. The proponent will work with the appropriate Williamson County
Staff to accommodate parking areas, ingress, and egress on the master plan.
Once Design is approved, the proponent will be fully responsible for the preparation of a
“Pump Track - Plan Detail Design Document”. This document shall include all
aspects contained in the scope of work.

The Plan Detail Design Deliverables shall include, but not be limited to:
1. A document produced in standard 8.5”x11” size with 11x17” drawing sheets;
2. Construction drawings of the pump track sufficiently complete for the
construction and any necessary permitting (grading, environmental, etc).
3. *Detailed construction drawings for the parking, ingress, and egress shall be
provided by Williamson County and is not a requirement of this proposal.
4. Professionally written and produced color final document (with appropriate color)
5. Photographs, charts, and graphs as required to make the document visually
appealing and readable;
6. Plan shall address each item included in the scope of work and include an
executive summary.
7. Provision of an appropriate electronic file of the final document.

Phase 1A – Cost Estimation
Simultaneous to the design element, the proponent will work with Outdoor Encounter,
Inc. and Williamson County to estimate all costs of construction of the pump track.
Proponent will collaborate with the various County Departments (Parks & Rec, Road,
Engineering, etc) to establish cost efficient utilization of County resources, both labor and
material, for the construction of the pump track.

Costs shall include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Engineering requirements & costs
2. Permitting costs
3. Man hours for pump track and labor costs.
4. Machine hours, types of machines, and machine costs for each
5. Cost of supervision (including benefits, meals, lodging, etc.)
6. Other misc. costs
7. Overhead & Profit
8. Materials quantities (dirt, fill, gravel, asphalt, etc.) for both pump track.
9. Environmental abatement and protections
10. Signage
11.Ongoing maintenance costs

A separate RFP shall be issued for the construction phase of the project.
Upon the conclusion of the design phase, a turn-key price provided by the proponent on
the construction of the project would be welcome but is not required.

Reporting Structure:
The proponent will report to a project team led by Outdoor Encounter and in
cooperation with Williamson County Parks & Recreation. Details on Reporting will be
given to the proponent chosen for this project.

Rates quoted by the proponent for the Phase 1A – Design & Cost Estimation shall
be “turn-key” and inclusive of all labor and materials, installation, delivery, travel, and
carriage costs, insurance costs and all other overhead including but not limited to any
fees or other charges required by law.

Outdoor Encounter, Inc. invites proposals from qualified companies for the Design & Cost
Estimation of the First Phase- Pump track for Wilkins Branch Bike Park, Williamson
County, Tennessee, in accordance with the following Standard Terms and Conditions.

General Requirements and Scope of Work Submissions should include, but not
necessarily be limited to, the following:
1. Proof of Insurance to do contract work in Tennessee.
a. Must carry general liability and property liability insurance of no less than
$1,000,000.00 per incident and $3,000,000.00 aggregate.
b. Must add Outdoor Encounter & Williamson County Parks & Recreation as
Additionally Insured.
2. Total cost to Outdoor Encounter, Inc.
3. Estimated Time Frame – Start and Finish Dates
4. A company location, address and phone number(s).
5. Brief description of you or your company – (i.e. clients, history, projects, staff)
6. A summary of your understanding of this proposal
7. You or your company’s experience in similar projects
8. Value Added/Innovative techniques
9. References
10.Any other supporting information you may wish to include with your submission.

In order for the Outdoor Encounter to evaluate proposals fairly and completely, offers
should follow the format set out herein and provide all of the information requested.
Please Contact Cooper Magli by Wednesday, March 22nd
at cooper@magli.com to indicate interest in this RFP.

An initial on-site meeting will be set up with each interested proponent once interest is communicated.

Thank you for your interest in this project!

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Outdoor Encounter, Inc.

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Cooper Magli

Email Address: cooper@magli.com

Closest City to Project: Franklin

State/Province/Region: TN

Country: USA

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