Rhino Marking & Protection Systems

Manufacturer of Rhino TriView™ post- the highly visible triangular design ensures your message can be seen from any direction. Durable and flexible, it withstands vehicle impacts and still returns to its original upright position. UV-light stabilizers protect the bright color of the post from fading. Convert trail use quickly and simply by using our TriView Toppers™ designed to be used over existing TriView or fiberglass posts.
Our rugged fiber-reinforced marker posts protect your posts from fading with our exclusive PolyTech™ Coating that totally blocks ultraviolet light from reaching the fiberglass core of the post for at least 20 years.  Along with ensuring the color of the post does not fade it prevents the fiberglass from being exposed and causing slivers.
Many other marking options are available. Contact John Hohol, National Market Manager, Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, 1204 West 96th Street, Bloomington, MN55431, Tel: 866-732-0321, jhohol@RhinoMarkers.com