Singletrack Cat

We build a special purpose motorcycle designed for single track trail work. The Singletrack Cat is a special purpose motorcycle designed to haul and tow equipment used for single track trail construction and maintenance. It features a high traction 2-wheel drive bogie type rear axle system. The low bed height creates a low center of gravity for improved handling when carry heavy loads.


McREDYE Co. Hump & Dump is a quick attach frame with caster wheels and 70% articulation. The dump box is a 4′ x 6′ x 18″ deep or 3′ x 5′ x 18″ deep. The caster wheels are 38″ outside-to-outside. With a 39″ skid steer it will travel on a 4′ trail. The skid steer Hump & Dump will go around a 6′ radius curve. McREDYE Co. Skid Steer Extender is a quick-attach frame with caster wheels and 70% of articulation. Any 3-point, class 0, 1, or 2 attachment can be mounted on it. With hydraulic lift, tilt, pitch and angle control.

May’s Trail Equipment & Leasing, LLC

May’s Trail Equipment & Leasing, LLC

Power Tools, Tracked Equipment, and more, especially for trail builders
435 May Road, Sagle, ID 83860
(W) 208-263-4212, (H) 208-263-3538, Fax 208-263-2067.

Bailey’s Woodsman Supply Company

Forestry supplies—hand tools, chainsaws, etc, 707-984-6133 or 901-422-1300.

DR® Power Equipment

DR® Equipment is often used for trail construction and maintenance. Professional-quaility power products include POWERWAGONS, FIELD and BRUSH MOWERS, TRIMMER/MOWERS, CHIPPERS, STUMP GRINDERS, Chainsaws, Earth Augers, and Powered Pole Pruners.