Trail Materials

American Pole and Timber

National suppler of treated poles and timbers, pilings, posts, bridge components, golf course materials, and retaining wall systems to marine and shoreline and commercial/industrial clients. Our first response system will get your quote to you quickly and materials will be delivered on time. We can even assist with design and link you with an engineer if you need one. Visit us online at or call (866) 397-3038. Chris Denny, Manager.

Bayou City Lumber

Specializing in supplying timbers, posts, poles and pilings nationwide. For over 10 years we’ve supplied bridge builders, contractors, and golf courses their timber needs. Located in Houston, Texas we deliver to any of the contiguous 48 states. For beautiful, quality products and dependable service call Bayou City Lumber at 800-510-8315, email , or visit 11106 Telephone Rd., Houston, TX 77075, Ph 800-510-8315.

DeepRoot Partners, LP

Root barriers. DeepRoot is known for making the highest quality, academically proven root & rhizome barriers. Our barriers have been specified and installed around the world as an effective means to manage the interaction between pavements and roots. Design professionals and trail contractors use DeepRoot products to create a lower maintenance asset, thereby reducing long term costs. Our products are suited to many applications such as bike trails, walking paths, and interpretive sites—anywhere roots encroach on pavements. or call us at 800-458-7668.

Geo Products, LLC

EnviroGrid cellular confinement system (CCS) is ultrasonically welded high density polyethylene (HDPE) strips that form a lightweight, expandable honeycomb structure. EnviroGrid is designed for use in soil stabilization, erosion protection, retaining walls and channel protection. Soil Stabilization: Use over weak soils and fill with soil and vegetate, or fill with sand or angular rock. Erosion Protection: Place on slopes as steep as 1:1 and vegetate. Retaining Walls: Stack layers to desired height, fill each layer with available on site materials. Channel Protection: Depending on flow velocities, fill with top soil and vegetate, or with angular rock or concrete. It can also be used for low water crossings. Contact: Al Florez, Geo Products, LLC, 281-820-5493.

Pacific Timber Products

We provide and custom fabricate timbers and logs for trail and vehicular bridges, barrier posts, retaining walls, benches and more. Incising, treating, drafting and trucking services are also available. Contact Peggy Sigler, Pacific Timber Products, LLC, 503-266-3029, PO Box 91, Canby, OR 97013,,

Permapost Products Co.

Pressure treating and standard/custom fabricated wood products with a variety of preservative methods. Also custom design and fabrication of a wide variety of timber bridges for trails and roads. Contact: Bill Friedlander, P.O. Box 100, Hillsboro, OR 97123, Ph: (541) 318-5533, Fax: (541) 318-5520,

Presto Products Company

Manufacturers of rigid porous plastic pavement panels useful for forming trail treads (including motorized and light/intermittent heavy vehicle use) over unstable soils, fragile areas, or wet areas. Contact: Geosystem Products, PO Box 2399, Appleton, WI 54913-2399. Ph 800-548-3424.

Recreation Dynamics

Sole U.S. Distrbutor of Mobi-Mat, a lightweight removable access pathway made of flexible polyester with an open, woven structure. Mobi-Mat RecPath is ADA compliant, making beaches, nature trails, waterfronts, parks, etc. accessible to all users, including those with wheelchairs, walkers and strollers.

R.N.F. Associates

Manta Ray earth anchor systems can be used to anchor retaining walls into slopes. No excavation needed, easy installation, time and cost saving, and environmentaly sensitive. Available in a variety of sizes and strengths for different applications. See product website at Contact: Robert N. Frati, 132-B Wikiup Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95403, Ph: (707) 544-3488, Fax: (707) 544-3492,

Schrader Co.

Schrader Co. specializes in Structural 100% Recycled Plastic Lumber for use in construction and maintenance of boardwalks, foot bridges, retaining walls, steps, etc. Our experience and engineering assistance will match the right product for your application. Non-reinforced plastic, fiberglass filament reinforcement and/or rebar reinforcement available on sizes 2X2 to 12X12. Variety of colors available. Visit or call Bob Lewis at 425-377-1550.

Sol Plastics, LP

Manufacturers of semi-flexible porous plastic pavement panels that can form a flexible yet durable surface over unstable or fragile soils, especially useful for irregular terrain and slopes. Sol Plastics, LP, 1501 des Futailles Str., Montreal, PQ, Canada H1N 3P1. Fax 514-254-6325.

T & R Pipeline Services

We purchase and sell new, used, and surplus pipe from oil and gas companies, pipeline contractors, and mill overruns. We recondition used pipe for secondary markets such as culverts, fences, pipe piling, sign poles, and such. Contract: Austin Terry, Sales Manager, (713) 413-9120, fax (713) 413-9112, cell (713) 545-7124,

Sutter Equipment Company

SUTTER 500 and SUTTER 300 trail dozers and a variety of other trail maintenance equipment and products, including the SUTTER Rock Rake (trail rake) (ATV-pulled grader), SUTTER Retaining Wall, and MANTA RAY Earth Anchor Systems.
Contact: Tony Dipino, 15 Industrial Parkway, Mound House, NV 89706, (p) 775-246-8689, (f) 775-246-8683