Kingdom Trail Association

Contact Name: CJ Scott

Company/Organization/Agency: Kingdom Trail Association

Address: PO Box 204, East Burke, VT 05832 United States

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Job Title: Trail Crew Member

Job Description: Kingdom Trail Association
The Kingdom Trail Association (KTA) is a diverse organization with a multifold program of conservation, education, economic stimulation, regional promotion, and recreation. As the organization is diverse so are the job responsibilities of its staff and volunteers. This partnership between staff and volunteers is based on trust, respect and a mutual understanding of these responsibilities. The individual employee goals and responsibilities are outlined in the following job description.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Trail Crew Member

RESPONSIBLE TO/EVALUATED BY: Trail Manager & Trail Crew Leader

OVERSIGHT: Trail maintenance standards; Trail design and improvement; Natural resource protection; Tool inventory, maintenance and requisition; KTA vehicle & equipment operation.

TEAM COORDINATION WITH: Trails Manager, Trail Crew Leader, Trail Crew Members, Executive Director, KTA Trails Advisory Committee, Operations Manager, Marketing & Events Manager, Landowners

The Trail Crew Member will coordinate operations, that best maintain the KTA year-round trail system to ensure landowner satisfaction, natural resource protection, accessibility and safe recreation. All duties will be implemented within the goals and objectives of the Kingdom Trail Association. 


• Maintain a high quality work standard with complete commitment to the mission of KTA. 
• Maintain and foster positive working relations in the local and regional community.
• Ensure the future health of the Trail System through proper management, resource acquisition and logical planning under direct consultation with the Trails Manager.
• Maintain and enforce the safest working environment as possible.
• Assist leadership of Volunteer Work Projects as needed.
• Ensure that all KTA projects meet or exceed standards established by the managing agency, KTA Trails Committee and KTA Trails Manager.
• Assist in the proper care of facilities, tools, supplies, vehicles, equipment and provide for secure storage and maintenance. 
• Maintain the KTA standard for quality trail design, maintenance and stewardship.
• Perform “Bike Ambassador” duties as assigned.
• Assist KTA with Welcome Center Customer Service and Village Operations.
• Supplemental duties/responsibilities to support other KTA operations/functions as needed.


• Interest in Mountain biking, natural resource management, environmental studies or related field preferred.
• Proven outside manual labor and/or trail construction. 
• Strong organizational skills, including the ability to manage multiple tasks.
• Ability to work as a team member.
• First Aid and Wilderness Responder Certifications preferred.
• Experience working with customers and volunteers.


• Full-time Seasonal (Temporary)
• Varies according to season and duties, maximum forty of hours per week


$12-15/hour Varies depending on experience.


CJ Scott, Trails Manager
Kingdom Trail Association
PO Box 204
East Burke, VT 05832

Job Start Date: 5/14/2018

Application Deadline: 5/1/2018

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