Maine Conservation Corps

Field Team Member

Job Description
Purpose: The MCC provides community service opportunities and career training for those interested in pursuing a career in natural resources. Members serve Maine’s communities, participate in the AmeriCorps program, and gain hands-on experience.Location: Training typically takes place in the Hallowell area; field work is conducted throughout Maine

Time Commitment:
• June 17th – August 14th or August 18th to November 13, 2015
• 300 hours or 450 hours of service is required.
• 40 hours a week, overnights requiredQualifications:
• Must be eligible for AmeriCorps Education Award
• High School diploma
• Must be at least 18 years old
• Must be a US Citizen
• Must submit to criminal and sex offender background checks

Essential Functions:
• Have the ability to live and perform strenuous work under challenging conditions
• Have the desire to learn, serve others, and make a difference
• Ability to perform tasks as part of a cooperative team
• Follows directions
• Non-judgmental attitude and sensitivity to others
• Responsible and reliable
• Interest in personal growth and in participating in on-going training

Desired Functions:
• Good communication skills
• Excellent work ethic
• Possesses motivation and initiative

Contact Person

Jasmine Greenman

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Job Start Date


Application Deadline


Key Responsibilities: 
• Build new trails and rehabilitate existing trails, such as:
o Build structures (bridges, wooden ladders, retaining walls, etc.)
o Construct with rock (waterbars, retaining walls, causeways, stone steps)
o Clear trails (cut and haul brush, dig to mineral soil, pull stumps, etc.)
o Other treadway work (crush rock, haul gravel)
• Represent the MCC and the host site organization in a professional and supportive manner.
• Adhere to the MCC drug free workplace policy.
• Complete all paperwork in a thorough and timely manner, including submission of timesheets and other forms required by the MCC.
• Develop and use leadership skills in roles within the team and with volunteers.
• Live cooperatively with other members during training and service sessions. Willingly perform joint living tasks, such as cooking and cleaning and maintaining hygiene (Not to be counted as direct service hours).Training Provided:
• Attend training, such as: orientation to the MCC and AmeriCorps, First Aid and CPR, Leave No Trace, communication, conflict resolution, diversity, introduction to trail tools and safety standards.Benefits:
• Stipend of $260 per week (less taxes)
• Health Insurance
• $1,195 or $1,493 AmeriCorps Education Award
• Student Loan Forbearance (if eligible)
• State Park Pass
• Housing during training and orientation (during service days only)Application Deadline for August Start:  Thursday, July 2, 2015
Application Deadline for June State: Wednesday, June 10, 2015For more information and to download an application off the MCC website:
Or email: