Northwest Youth Corps

Contact Name: Will Chaney

Company/Organization/Agency: Northwest Youth Corps

Address: 2621 Augusta St., Eugene, Oregon 97403 United States

Email Address:

Contact Phone: (541) 743-8591

Job Title: Northwest Service Corps Leader - Mt. Hood

Job Description: Position Description:

Responsible for the overall implementation of successful programming, work project completion and support of NSC participants, Crew Leaders work with their crews in a full time capacity. They put in long days while supervising the successful completion of a wide variety of manual labor projects. They also give technical and logistical support; delivery of tools, project productivity, quality control, safety, motivation, prepare required paperwork and are required to teach the skills necessary to operate many different power tools in a safe, efficient manner.).

Safety and Risk Management - Oversee the physical and emotional safety of program participants at all times. Safety is the number one priority in everything we do, including work, education, and recreation. This includes not only the physical safety of participants but their mental and emotional safety as well. Leaders will be responsible for transporting the crew and equipment, to and from the worksite daily, safely in NYC’s fleet vehicles.

Required Qualifications:
 At least 21 years old
 Current Wilderness First Aid or higher and CPR certification
 Current Driver’s License and clean driving record for the past three years (Driver’s License
Background Check required)
 Recreational/ professional outdoor experience
 Excellent organization and time management skills
 Ability to lift and/or move up to 70 pounds
 Willingness and ability to frequently drive an NYC vehicle
 Ability to work collaboratively and promote teamwork
 Strong communication skills
 Good judgment and decision making skills
 Sense of humor, spirit of adventure, and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others and
the environment
 Experience/desire in working with diverse populations
 Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the
essential functions of the job

Job Start Date: 4/28/2018

Application Deadline: 4/28/2018

Additional Information: PLEASE APPLY ON OUR WEBSITE

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