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Contact Name: Sterling Collins-Hill

Company/Organization/Agency: Pacific Northwest Trail Association

Address: 1851 Charles Jones Memorial Cir #4,, Sedro-Woolley, Washington 98284 United States

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Contact Phone: (360) 746-6643

Job Title: Trail Crew Leader

Job Description: SUMMARY

PNTA Trail Crew Leaders manage crews in trail construction and maintenance projects on and adjacent to the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. Crew makeup varies according to type of crew, for example: a Performance Crew is 2-6 young adults, and occasional volunteers. Crew Leaders are model crew members and should refer to the Performance Crew job description for an overview of basic field duties. The following job description outlines the leadership, managerial and administrative functions of Crew Leaders.

Employment Status Temporary (seasonal); Full-time; Hourly Wages, Overtime Exempt


● Work Season (varies by location and availability)
o May - June: Volunteer and/or Job Corps Crews, Log Out Crew
o June - August: Performance Crew, Ranger Corps, Log Out Crew
o August - September: Volunteer and/or Job Corps Crews, Log Out Crew
● Workweeks (vary by project):
o Short Workweek: 40-hour, five (5) days (2-day weekend)
o Long Workweek: 80-hour, 10 days (4-day weekend) Compensation ● Crew Leader: at least 125% of WA state minimum wage ($12/hr); $19/hour max ● Assistant Crew Leader: at least 115% of WA state minimum wage; $17/hour max ● During PNTA Training: WA state minimum wage, expenses reimbursed for overnight travel
● Vocational training, including basic First Aid/ CPR (paid time, reimbursable expense*), and Chainsaw and Crosscut Bucking Certifications
● Advanced Training Reimbursement: Up to $275 for wilderness medical training courses*; up to $500 for related travel expenses— mileage, lodging, meals & incidentals
● Advanced Certification Bonus: $50 Wilderness First Aid; $100 Wilderness First Responder
● Field-based meals included
● $0.50 raise each season you return Reports To Regional Coordinator
Regions include Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound-North Cascades, North Central Washington, and Eastern Washington. The PNTA provides crew transportation between a rendezvous and the worksite. Expect to work and camp for the duration of the workweek in either the backcountry or an undeveloped, drive-up campsite.
*Upon successful certification.


The Crew Leader and Assistant Crew Leader will divide and share managerial and administrative functions as they see fit, however it is ultimately the responsibility of the Crew Leader to ensure these duties are performed. In the field, the Crew Leader is the final decision maker. Crew Leader and Assistant Crew Leader duties include but are not limited to:

● Safety: Crew Leaders are responsible for the physical and emotional safety of all crew members at all times.
○ Conduct crew orientation and daily safety meetings; review Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
○ Enforce consistent use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
○ Continuously analyze worksite conditions and behaviors for hazards and mitigate accordingly
○ Monitor energy levels and well-being of crew members to prevent injury and illness
○ Resolve conflicts, correct inappropriate behaviors, enforce standards
● Personnel Files: Collect all personnel documents from crew members and ensure all items are complete. Update personnel records as needed. Submit crew member records to Regional Coordinator.
● Meal Planning
○ Plan crew menu ensuring food supplies meet goals: budget, caloric and nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, weight limitations, storage capacity, and food safety protocols.
○ Purchase food and supplies; allocate and pack supplies for each workweek.
● Logistics: Plan ahead for each project.
○ Tools & Gear: Gather, maintain and pack all necessary equipment and supplies
○ Schedule, Maps, Specs: Know where you’re going, when, and what you’re expected to accomplish
○ Coordinate rendezvous with crew members and pack-support partners as applicable.
○ Emergency Action Plan: Complete and review EAP with crew during project orientation
● Reporting: Prepare and submit reports to Regional Coordinator, e.g.: Timesheets; Expenses, Mileage, After-Action summary of project accomplishments, including photos; gear inventory/status, surplus food supplies inventory, etc.
○ Take and submit photos documenting the work and life of a trail crew for use in marketing and social media.
● Project Management, Supervision
○ Manage crew in field-based tasks— constructing trail to specification, completing assignments in a timely manner.
■ Set the pace, lead by example.
■ Provide crew members with ongoing technical feedback.
■ Uphold production standards and quality control.
■ Delegate responsibilities; facilitate teamwork, guide group dynamics.
○ Foster and enforce appropriate attitudes and behaviors, re: safety, civil conduct, and stewardship ethics.
○ Represent the PNTA in the field; cooperate with land management partners; warmly greet and yield to trail users.
● Base Camp, Supervision
○ Oversee camp operations— set up, tear down, and day-to-day life. Delegate and direct tasks.
○ Ensure crew is executing proper campsite layout for the setting.
○ Assist crew members in selecting safe tent sites, and setting up for optimal shelter in adverse conditions.
○ Ensure crew is following bear-safety and other wildlife-proofing protocols in camp.
○ Prepare meals, and/or oversee meal-prep and clean-up; ensure food safety
● Education & Enrichment
○ Provide crew members with on-the-job training in trail construction standards and practices, safe and effective use of hand tools, outdoor and practical life skills, Leave No Trace ethics, etc.
○ Mentor for personal and professional development


● Complete certification courses, and attend crew leader training workshop(s)
o First Aid & CPR Certification (minimum)
o Chainsaw & Crosscut Bucking Certifications
o PNTA Policies and Procedures
o Leave No Trace (LNT), Bear Safety, Etc.
● Valid driver’s license, and an acceptable driving record (three years); have access to reliable transportation
● Pass criminal background check
● Legally able to work in the US for the duration of the season
● Crew Leader must be at least 21 at start of season.
● Assistant Crew Leader must be at least 18 at start of season.
● Must be able to hike long distances while carrying a heavy pack and tool(s), lift 50 lbs, and be able to perform manual labor consistently for up to 10 days
● Must be able to travel to and camp at worksite locations
● Able to maintain a positive attitude and equable temperament, even while working long hours and facing unexpected challenges
● Excellent organizational skills; strong communication skills
● Excellent judgement and risk management skills


● Outdoor experience, familiarity with outdoor living, e.g., hiking, backpacking, camping, outdoor cooking skills
● Wilderness First Aid or Responder Certified (See Benefits)
● Food Handler Card
● Experience in at least one of the following:
o Working with youth or young adults, e.g., as a teacher, coach, mentor, counselor, leader, etc.
o Manual labor, experience using hand tools, e.g., trail maintenance, construction, carpentry, landscaping, gardening, forestry, farming, wildland firefighting, food service, etc.
● Desire to learn; self-motivated to expand knowledge and skills
● Resourceful problem-solver
● Tech-savvy and able to complete reports and submit photos via Internet
● Digital photography skills— experience photographing people outdoors, visual storytelling
● Passions align with our purpose in areas of interest such as:
o Outdoor recreation and adventure; physical fitness and healthy living
o Natural systems, sustainable human systems, environmental stewardship
o Personal growth fostered by immersive experiences in nature
o Service— community service, customer service, servant leadership
o Honing practical life skills and a strong work ethic
o Mentoring and sharing your knowledge and passion with youth and young adults

Positions available until filled.

The Pacific Northwest Trail Association is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Job Start Date: 5/13/2019

Application Deadline: 5/1/2019

Additional Information: More information as well as the Performance Crew Member job description can be found at

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