Washington State Department of Natural Resources Pacific Cascade Region

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Pacific Cascade Region is recruiting for a Recreation Equipment Operator 2 (Recruitment #2017-03-8414). This project position will be a team member of the Pacific Cascade Region's Recreation Program and will primarily perform recreational trail construction activities while operating a variety of heavy equipment and trucks in support of the Pacific Cascade Region's Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trail program. The OHV program is ever growing in the Pacific Cascade Region and we seek an applicant who is passionate about outdoor recreation and trails. All trail construction, trail maintenance, facility maintenance, and trail decommissioning activities need to be conducted in a manner that allows for environmental protection while promoting public safety. The trails are planned for public enjoyment and are designed such that they allow for tight twists and turns, challenging grades, and rock and log obstacles in the trail corridor. This position is a crucial component in the implementation phase of an ongoing trail development plan. See job announcement for full details. The application deadline is March 26, 2017.


Feel free to send onto people that you know that might be interested. If you have any questions about the position, see the contact information in the flier.


The position announcement may also be found on DNR's website at: http://www.dnr.wa.gov/employment/jobs


Contact Ryan Schreiner at Ryan.Schreiner@dnr.wa.gov or (360) 852-3390 if you have questions.