Zion Adventure Company

Contact Name: Bill Dunn

Company/Organization/Agency: Zion Adventure Company

Address: 36 Lion Blvd, Springdale, Utah 84767 U.S.A.

Email Address: bdunn@zionadventures.com

Contact Phone: (435) 772-1001

Job Title: Kolob Trail and Recreation Construction Crew Member

Job Description: Position Description:

Sculpting the Future of Zion Recreation. The Kolob Trail and Recreation Construction Crew is responsible for the development of infrastructure supporting our developing line of premier product offerings. The projects slated for 2018 are interesting, varied, and unique - and as a result, our trail crew must be the same. The ideal candidate has experience in all aspects of trail construction, as well as experience in other trades including carpentry, forestry, residential construction and/or renovation. Trail Crew members are motivated, hardworking, problem solvers who find enjoyment in working in a wide array of disciplines in beautiful, peaceful, and isolated outdoor locations.

Position Qualifications:

• Minimum of 23 years of age
• Experience in one or more of the following related fields: trail building, forestry, carpentry, residential construction, etc.
• Ability to work in a team oriented environment as well as on solo, un-supervised projects
• Safety oriented
• Strong verbal communicator, with demonstrated ability to plan, analyze, and problem solve
• Ability to work outside in all weather conditions performing manual labor including: carrying 30+ lb pack over steep terrain, lifting up to 40 lbs, using hand and power tools
• Interest in learning new skills, and teaching skills to others
• Ability to see the big picture of a project and use this scope to guide smaller everyday decisions.
• Ability to interact with customers, and the public responsibly, respectfully, and professionally
• Clean driving record

• Experience with a multitude of hand and power tools including, shovel, pick, Pulaski, hand saw, chain saw, drills, generator
• Experience in construction of outdoor recreation focused infrastructure such as: trails, bridges, benches, decks, ladders, railings, stonework, etc.
• Experience operating heavy machinery including, pick-up trucks, towing a trailer, operating a tractor
• Experience in the ‘vertical world’ i.e. working while on rope
• Strong attention to detail
• Willingness to perform necessary task related research and planning
• Ability to organize and prioritize
• Takes initiative

Position Responsibilities
• Perform manual labor outdoors in all weather conditions
• Carry a 30+lbs pack over varied, steep terrain
• Lift objects up to 40 lbs
• Work with a team to construct recreation infrastructure including trails, bridges, retaining walls, ladders, etc. from initial construction to final dressing
• Duties may include but are not limited to: digging, cutting trees and brush, constructing facility resources using dimensional and rough hewn lumber, painting, rock work, landscaping, spreading gravel, etc.
• Follow instructions as they relate to the task at hand, as well as the larger scope of the project
• Maintenance and repair of tools
• Other duties as assigned

Dates of Employment
• April 1st – September 30th: Position has the potential to be extended as weather and availability of projects allows.
• 40 hrs/week, 4 to 5 days/week depending on the current project.

• Commensurate with experience and performance. Starting pay is $12/hr.

Job Start Date: 4/1/2018

Application Deadline: 2/15/2018

Additional Information: How To Apply:

To access our application, or for more information about working with Zion Adventure Company, please visit:


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you may reach us by email at hiring@zionadventures.com or by phone at (435) 772-1001.

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