Milwaukee county parks trails network plan update

To Whom would you like your solicitation available: Open to the Public

Project Title: Milwaukee county parks trails network plan update

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Project Description: Milwaukee county parks department in looking to update our trails network plan. This plan is a living document that outlines our process and standards for trail development and outlines our goals for future trail development.
This document was done in house in 2008 and has not been updated since that time. We are looking for a contractor who has experience with trail design and development to update this document. We would work with you to outline our needs and goals and ask that you put them into a cohesive document that can be used as a guiding tool for all future projects, complaints and goals.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Milwaukee county parks

Primary Contact for Contract Information: Gage Brogan

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Closest City to Project: milwaukee

State/Province/Region: wi

Country: milwaukee

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