​​​​​​​Project Title: Wake County's Harris Lake Flow Trail


Machine construction of mountain bike ‘Flow Trail’ on Harris Lake County Park
This is an REI Grant funded project

Proposals Due: August 8th, 2018

REI has generously awarded a trail grant to TORC to fund this project. Triangle Off Road Cyclists (TORC) is soliciting bids from qualified contractors for the machine build of approximately 1270 linear feet of ‘flow’ specific at Harris Lake County Park (HLCP) in the Summer/Fall of 2018.  

The trail design is complete and will be provided by Harris Lake County Park staff. The construction and installation of the trail should begin as soon as the weather permits in Summer 2018. Trail construction should be completed by February 15, 2019.  

Pre-bid visits are welcome and please contact the above officers and HLCP staff to schedule a pre-bid visit.

This piece of ‘flow’ trail has been on the list of wanted projects at HLCP for the past 10 plus years of TORC trail coordinators and HLCP staff. When completed, this flow trail will not only add additional new trail but will also add a fun factor for all levels of riders from beginner to advance.

Scope of Services
Contractor shall furnish all expertise, labor, supervision, services, equipment, tools, supplies, licenses, insurance, transportation, and incidentals necessary to perform all trail construction. Work shall be completed as set forth in a contract for this project to be negotiated with TORC and Wake County/HLCP based upon the contractor's written proposal.
The proposed portion of trail has between 2-10% cross slope. Approximately all of the trail has a gradual downhill slope to Harris Lake with a double track service road to be used as the ‘return’ trail. Trail will be ‘single’ direction flow trail. Flow trail can be defined as:  

'Defined on the IMBA website, flow trails “typically contain features like banked turns, rolling terrain, various types of jumps, and consistent and predictable surfaces. ... Mar 5, 2015'

Expected dimensions: The trail tread will range from 4-6 feet in width and be continuously rolling and cambered. Trail will be constructed using a combination of onsite and imported mineral soils. Water will be managed by a combination of surface drainage, pipes and catchments.

Features: larger rollers, banked turns, fully insloped turns and tabletop-style dirt jumps.

Volunteer/Advocacy: Applicants will be required to help provide TORC and Wake/HLCP one public volunteer work day as part of the contract.


A. Standard Terms and Conditions of Request for Proposal

1. TORC and Wake County/HLCP reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to consider alternatives, to waive irregularities and to re-solicit proposals.
2. TORC and Wake County/HLCP reserves the right to conduct such investigations of, and discussions with, contractors who have submitted proposals or other entities as it deems necessary to assist in the evaluation of any proposal or to secure maximum clarification and completeness of any proposal.
3. TORC and Wake County/HLCP reserves the right to select the most responsible and responsive proposal which it finds to be within the best interests of Wake County.
4. TORC and Wake County/HLCP makes no guarantees to any contractor until such time as TORC and Wake County/HLCP approves the negotiated contract.

B. Issuing Officer
This request for proposing is issued by TORC Trails Chair. For questions, please contact David Houskeeper at trails@torc-nc.org or (919) 928-3383

C. Purpose
This RFP provides prospective contractors with sufficient information to prepare and submit proposals for consideration by TORC and Wake County/HLCP. To be considered responsive, each proposal must provide for completion of the tasks outlined in the RFP.

D. Scope
This RFP contains the instructions governing the proposals to be submitted and the materials to be included therein. These are mandatory requirements that must be met to be eligible for consideration.

E. Scheduling
Bids must be submitted to TORC and Wake County/HLCP by August 8th, 2018. The proposal should outline the schedule for completion of this project. Applicants are encouraged to discuss scheduling constraints with TORC and Wake County/HLCP, as we are aware flexibility in scheduling of tasks may be necessary.

F. Inquiries
Prospective applicants are welcome to make inquiries concerning the RFP to obtain clarification of the any requirements or schedule a site visit to the properties. Direct all inquiries to:

David Houskeeper
TORC Trails and Advocacy Chair

G. Submittal
Two (2) copies of the proposal shall be submitted with the following information on the outside envelope:
1. Contractor's company name
2. Contact name and phone number
3. Proof of insurance

H. Acceptance of Proposal Content
The contents from the selected contractor’s proposal will become contractual obligations if a subsequent agreement is reached. Failure of the successful contractor to accept these obligations may result in cancellation of the award and such contractor may be removed from future solicitations.

I. Budget
A complete budget must be included in the proposals, including a "Not-to-Exceed" figure and contractor’s hourly billing rates and a breakdown of project related expenses for each task. Costs should be broken down for the individual tasks in this RFP to the greatest extent practical.

The proposal submitted must clearly address the requirements outlined in the RFP. Any concerns that the contractor may have about meeting these requirements shall be specifically identified in the proposal. The contractor must ensure that all proposed work meets with all applicable State and Federal requirements.

Scope of Work
Provide an outline of the firm’s understanding of the project. Summarize the basic approach to providing the services, and any recommendations on improving efficiencies in the process.

Contractor shall furnish a summary of experience on similar projects and be prepared to provide examples. Include a brief description of past and current projects. Each summary shall include a brief project description and name, address and phone number of a local contact person involved in the project. The statement of qualifications should also provide a summary of your firm's ability to successfully complete the requirements of this RFP. The statement of qualification shall be brief but shall include at a minimum the following:
1. Description of similar projects
2. Capabilities (including equipment) and staff


TORC and Wake County/HLCP intends to engage the most qualified firm available for this assignment. Responsiveness to the RFP will be a principal basis for evaluation. Proposals shall provide a straightforward and concise presentation adequate to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. The firm's proposal should address all aspects of the RFP and clearly express the firm's understanding of TORC and Wake County/HLCP’s specific requirements, indicating the contractor's qualifications to conduct this project in a thorough and efficient manner.

The following criteria shall be considered in evaluating the proposals:
a. Costs for proposed work; (staying within the allotted grant amount)
b. The reputation, experience and efficiency of the contractor;
c. The ability of the contractor to perform the contract or provide the goods and services within the time specified;
d. The comparative quality of the services bid;
e. The contractor’s performance under previous contracts;
f. The ability of the contractor to salvage/recycle as much material from the site as possible;
g. The number and scope of conditions attached to the proposal;
h. The contractor’s interest in the project, as well as their understanding of the project scope and the specific requirements of Wake County;
i. The contractor’s schedule of completion;
j. The application of all of the above criteria to any sub consultants, subcontractors or products to be utilized by the contractor;
k. General qualifications of the firm and the qualifications of the assigned staff; and
l. Interview evaluation (if necessary).  

TORC and Wake County/HLCP reserves the right to conduct such investigations of, and discussions with contractors or other entities as it deems necessary to assist in the evaluation of any proposal or to secure maximum clarification and completeness of any proposal.
Selection of a contractor will be made based on qualifications, experience, competence, payment terms and fees for services, without emphasis on any one factor to the exclusion of the others. Contract negotiations will take place with the most qualified firm. If a contract cannot be negotiated, the negotiations will be terminated in writing and negotiations will begin with the next most qualified firm.

Company/Organization/Agency Submitting Contract: Triangle Off-Road Cyclists

Primary Contact for Contract Information: David Houskeeper

Email Address: trails@torc-nc.org

Closest City to Project: Raleigh

State/Province/Region: North Carolina

Country: US


Triangle Off-Road Cyclists

Triangle Off-Road Cyclists
PO Box 4490
Cary 27519
TORC Trails Chair and Advocacy
David Houskeeper 919-928-3383
President of TORC
Sarwat Khattak 315-806-8251
Harris Lake County Park
Park Manager  
Christina Sorensen
Harris Lake County Park
Park Technician
Ashley Subat

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